FEVA and FilthyGorgeous present… Science Friction

FEVA and FilthyGorgeous present… Science Friction, an innovative fundraiser and high art exploration of science fiction through music, light design, projections, costumes, drag, body painting and aerial arts, benefitting FEVA (fairvendors.org).

Featuring… a stellar dj team including the best House and EDM djs in the mainstream and underground Louisville scenes; Rhythm Science Sound, Trevor Lamont, DJ Lady Carol, and LB3- Electronic Circus, whom will delight your senses with an intergalactic blend of electronic music ranging from House to New Wave, Afro-Futurism to EDM.

The stunning Zsa Zsa Gabortion and über talented Umi Naughty will bring their unique styles of drag to the stage, backed by iconic sci-fi soundtrack favorites (C’mon Diva from Fifth Element!).

Aerialists from Suspend will descend upon us from another world with performances set to epic scores! Muvtek’s light projections, combined with Trifecta’s laser show, will transport guests to another visual reality!

Louisville’s favorite body painter, Steve-O Shepard, will be painting a cyborg live at the event and then offering guests the opportunity to be painted! Plus, burlesque queen Beatrix B. Naughty and partner, Emilio Vallecillo, will be making a surprise Ex-Machina cameo!

As with all FilthyGorgeous events, guests are challenged to bring their most sickening, avant garde sci-fi looks! If you want to kick it FEVA style, come dressed as your favorite sci-fi character! Ultimately, there are no attire requirements, only suggestions.:)

For costume inspiration, check out our favorite sci-fi and primary source material for the event including: Star Trek, Star Wars, 2001 Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, Dune, Blade Runner, Blade Runner 2049, Alien, TRON, Mad Max Fury Road, The Fifth Element, Black Panther, The Matrix, Ex-Machina, Black Mirror, Altered Carbon and Stranger Things.

Why Science Fiction as a Theme for an LGBTQ fundraiser?

Science fiction allows writers, filmmakers and artists to create a future as they imagine it and that’s a powerful thing. At best, the progressive seeds they plant in our collective consciousness can have a larger societal impact. Take for example the first interracial kiss between Uhura and Kirk on Star Trek, which aired during one of the most divisive periods in US history i.e. Vietnam and the Civil Rights Movement.

In a more recent context, think of the empowering cultural impact of the Afro-futuristic masterpiece Black Panther, or the progressive LGBTQ themes of San Junipero (Black Mirror series). Both these recent examples demonstrate the power of science fiction as a way to empower and give voice to oppressed people in the midst of divisive political times.

Science fiction as a social catalyst for progressive change is ever important. So as we pay homage to the genre of science fiction on March 16th, Filthy Gorgeous and FEVA will assert their own vision of the future: a diverse, communal, gender Queer utopia where life is art and art is life. We hope you’ll join us!

Fun fact Blade Runner was set in 2019, so the fictional future is now! Additional Info…

About the Producers:

Heather Yenawine is the Director & Co-Founder of the Fair Event Vendors Alliance (est. 2013). As the primary dj of her company HAY DJ (est. 2005), Heather is valued not only for her great taste, versatility and ability to orchestrate the energy on the dance floor but also for her professionalism, attention to detail and positivity. She is also the co- founder and producer of sold-out musical fete Wes Fest, as well as Winona Ryd or Die, Moulin Rouge: A Baz Lurhmann Cabaret Extravaganza, The Love Won Wedding Show, NY 77,’ Pulp Funktion and Kill Ville. FEVA, under Heather’s production, will also be presenting the 2019 VIP experience at Kentuckiana Pride!