Every Story Matters.

To our amazing supporters,

Thanks to an incredible team, and a passionate audience, Queer Kentucky has grown from a small blog and Instagram account to one of Kentucky’s most impactful LGBTQ+ nonprofits and an internationally known digital and print publication. Our publication uplifts Queer people in Kentucky and beyond, creating a visibility that is novel to our community. And to us, visibility is life-saving.

This past year was transformational for our organization, and we are excited to share a glimpse into what we have accomplished thanks to the confidence of supporters like yourself.

In 2023:

  • We released 3 issues of our gorgeous print magazine, distributing our work throughout Kentucky and to 20+ states.
  • We connected with over 300,000 individuals through our editorial content, media platforms, and impactful in-person and virtual events.
  • We worked with over 70 LGBTQ+ creatives to bring you the stories, art, and events that Queer Kentucky has become known for
  • And we began solidifying the future of Queer Kentucky, hiring Northern Kentucky nonprofit leader Missy Spears as our new Executive Director, moving Founder Spencer Jenkins to Editor-in-Chief, and strengthening our fundraising efforts.

Our 2024 plans include:

  • Prioritizing opportunities for expansion in rural Kentucky and NKY.
  • Hiring a political correspondent to cover the Kentucky General Assembly and help make local government easier to digest.
  • Diving deeper into some of the unspoken issues and experiences affecting our community, including substance use and recovery/harm reduction, mental health, housing, and the economic disparity that hits marginalized communities the hardest.
  • Using our magazine and podcast to emphasize long-form interviews and stories, allowing us to hold more impactful conversations on vital issues, resources, and experiences.
  • And embarking on our largest event yet, which we can’t wait to announce early in 2024.

When we were younger “gaybies,” we would’ve given anything to have a magazine like Queer Kentucky in our hands. Being able to read about queer experiences would have allowed us to find queer joy a lot sooner than in our 30s, potentially saving so many of us from life-altering and life-ending decisions.

Today, we are asking you to invest in Queer Kentucky’s work in 2024 by making a monthly or one-time donation towards our End of Year Giving Campaign. To get our magazine into even more hands, donors who contribute $240 or more (or commit to $20/month) will receive a free magazine subscription. There’s a great deal of work that remains to be done, and we’re committed to helping move our community forward.

It’s only because of our community of partners that we can positively impact the lives of other queer individuals. We hope you’ll continue to support our life-saving publication. Thank you for all you do.


Missy Spears (Executive Director) & Spencer Jenkins (Editor-in-Chief)

Queer Kentucky