StarGazing with Tigresse Bleu

Planetary Placements For October 

Oct. 3rd- Lilith enters Virgo

Oct. 5th- Mercury enters Libra

Oct. 9th- Venus enters Virgo

Oct. 12th- Mars enters Scorpio

Oct. 14th- New Moon in Libra (Solar Eclipse)

Oct. 22nd- Mercury enters Scorpio

Oct. 23rd- Sun enters Scorpio

Oct. 28th- Full Moon in Taurus (Lunar Eclipse)

October Overview

Profound, penetrative, and explosively introspective, our depths are spilled, dripping down the walls and onto the floor. 

Little messes everywhere within the heart and the mind. It truly is as gross as it sounds. 

And for some of us, there could be a desperation to “clean up” these messes and make them spotless, less complicated. How it was before all the shifts and changes. 

But on the other side of order is an uncertainty and chaos that is alluring. 

Underneath it all, there is a desire to seek out the mysterious, to get acquainted with the secrets that want to unveil themselves before our eyes. 

It’s a bone chilling bang at the beginning of this month with plenty of personal truths and the truth of situations or of those around you. The things we’d rather not witness within ourselves are coming out regardless and how we choose to reconcile these truths will set us up for over the next year. 

Lilith will enter Virgo on the 3rd and with Lillth representing the sensuous and the extremist “underbelly” of our personalities- what we obsess over and what we deny- while also being in the sign of Virgo, we could find difficult emotions surfacing around our need to control, perfectionism, or rigidness. This placement can invoke the opposite energy in which there is a need to balance our lack of control, disorderliness, or disorganization. 

No matter where you fall on the spectrum, keep in mind to not delve too deep into utter delusion or ultra fascination. It could be easy to substitute one extreme for another.

Mercury entering Libra on the 5th will aid in our need for balance and harmony. Even through inner and outer turmoil, we desire to remain leveled. Our communication is more diplomatic, our thoughts are more concerned with musing over ideas, beautifying our space, our energy, or our bodies. The chaos doesn’t stunt the amount of charm we have or our ability to seduce in order to get what we want. If we don’t allow the sourness or our “messes” to get us down and instead embrace them, then we have the potential to accomplish great things. 

By the 9th, we have Venus entering Virgo which doubles down on our want or need to be intentional and full of purpose. We are treading carefully in our connections, particularly romantically, putting more thought into our values and trying our best to fine tune them as well as getting more of a grip on our finances. 

There could be moments of treating ourselves or others but this placement leans on the more conservative side. You can count on people being more reliable and consistent (or at least trying), our appreciation coming through in the form of dedication and loyalty rather than passion. 

Generosity with not just money but with time and energy is what Virgo is about, its love moving in more subtle and modest ways. 

We could also be realizing that health equals wealth so paying more attention to what we consume, whether that’s food or media, is at the forefront.  

Towards the middle of the month on the 12th we have Mars entering emotional super sleuth Scorpio. Given what is known about Scorpio’s nature, we are encountering an intense and introspective time to say the least. 

The energies in the earlier part of the month give us a sense of what is “off” and what may need to change- Mars in Scorpio activates this. This is not the more impulsive, “go go go” vibe that Mars can have. Within the sign of Scorpio there is a persistence and drive that is steady. 

The energy here is not wasted on acts that don’t have substance

Scorpio can thrive in complexity and depth. It can thrive in the things that may be shrouded in shadows and darkness. This could be a time of great focus or we could be distracted, consumed by what we should refrain from. 

For some, it could feel easier to take on challenges, concentrate, dig deeper and more intimately into whatever you’re into, whether it’s a relationship, hobby, or a job. Mars (Scorpio’s traditional ruler) is just as comfortable here as it is in Aries, and so similarly, our ability to move according to our instincts is easier. But within Scorpio, the ability to make moves stealthily, quietly but confidently is effective. 

But please beware of burnout. 

On the 14th, we have a Solar Eclipse in Libra that inspires us to start new routines, amp up our creativity, or connect to new people. Libra rules over relationships, contracts, beauty, finances and creativity so prepare to notice changes surrounding these themes. A more in depth analysis on this month’s Solar Eclipse here.

Mercury will then slide out of Libra and into Scorpio on the 22nd making us less concerned with others and harmonization and more concerned with gaining inner strength and power in a multitude of ways. We may hide away in order to work diligently on our passions or projects. Our focus and thought processes shift to going within, becoming more sharp in our mind and with our instincts, and seeing how far we can push ourselves to develop a skill or a mindset. 

We prefer to have deeper conversations and to connect in more intimate ways to those around us. Sometimes our words can come out more blunt or even harsh so meaning what you say but minding how you say it becomes more important. But sometimes with cutting and edgy Scorpio energy, we are willing to sacrifice how others may feel in order to tell the truth. 

This energy will be doubled down when the Sun enters Scorpio on the 23rd. For certain signs or placements, this time can feel more intense as if you are under a microscope or under interrogation. The key is to accept the parts of us that are difficult to digest or the parts of our lives that we struggle to adapt to. Don’t be afraid to dive deep and investigate your feelings. And the goals that may have taken a while to manifest will now show results. 

Finally, we end the month on a strong note with a Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on the 28th. Just like Libra, Taurus is ruled by Venus and thus will have Venusian themes that will be the focal point with practical rather than decorative or vain beauty capturing our attention. Our money or finances underneath this Earthy sign will also be in focus. A more in depth analysis on this month’s Lunar Eclipse here

This month encourages us to love what lurks beneath, to take on what can be burdensome and then transform it into something that can give us power. We can choose to put up a shield but there’s a freedom in having nothing to hide.

In embracing the mess.