StarGazing: Solar Eclipse in 21°Libra

October 14th, 2023

A recentering of the heart and energy. This is where we take our time and try to delve into pleasures as the moon crosses over the sun, casting a shadow on us. 

This period of darkness does not dampen our need for a new beginning or fresh start but in exchange we must figure out what we are willing to sacrifice in order for our lives to reach equilibrium. 

For all the abundance that is coming in, we must make room.

We are seeking harmony, art, and beauty in our lives. We do not want to quarrel and could find that the battle is more so within ourselves, with how badly we want or desire a thing or a person, or a particular outcome. We are zeroed in, maybe even obsessed. 

How do we connect? How can we make it better

Negotiations that are fair, contracts that are honest, and promises that are kept is what we aim for. Finances that are balanced yet let us live lavishly, whatever that means for us, and partners that love unconditionally. This is what we need. But our efforts, though well intentioned, could fall short, especially the more we try to use force.

Let things fall as they may. What or who we need at this time will come through willingly and earnestly. There will be no need to prove. It is both lovely and terrifying what this lunation is pushing us to do. How it pushes us to fight when it counts and knowing when to pull away when we need to,, finding our temperance in life. It is poetry. It’s the saccharine stuff that Taylor Swift songs are made of. 

This energy will affect us for the rest of our year and may have already started to shake things up. Take note of what is being torn down but gently nurture what is trying to be built. Remain easy-going and calm. If you find that the people or the energy around you is not serving nor is aligned, set the example. 

Be the beam of light amidst the shadows.

The energy from this lunation is powerful and will influence us for the following year. You may have already been feeling its effects even before the 14th. 

Read your rising sign first, then your sun, then your moon to get a more developed “snapshot” of how this transit will affect you.


Aries Rising

This eclipse is affecting your 7th House: Deep consideration for partnerships whether romantic or business. How can you improve your connections, even if it means a separation. May feel the need to initiate hard conversations or a tendency to be blunt in order to remove blockages. Pay attention to who is coming into your life at this moment as they will have meaning in your life for a long time. 

Taurus Rising

This eclipse is happening in your 6th House: Paying more attention to your health and the ways that you can be more consistent in feeling better within your vessel. You want to simplify, make routines less confusion or time consuming. Be prepared to do the hard work if you seek real change. There could be a need to detox, diffuse, and refuse habits that do not treat your body like a temple. You could also be concerned with the health of your environment and making things more harmonious in that realm. 

Gemini Rising

This eclipse is in your 5th House: There are shifts in your romantic life that feel like a whirlwind. Whether you are involved with someone, dating around, or staying single, there is a lot of focus on this sector and what’s being created here. The creative process may also be going through some changes or challenges. You want to balance your responsibilities with what truly lights you up, making sure to not lose sight of what makes life fun. Finding inspiration everywhere like a child or finding what centers you. If you have children or dependants, there could be shifts happening within their lives that are also affecting you. 

Cancer Rising

This eclipse is creating a shadow in your 4th house: Your home or what is familiar to you is changing which could throw you off but be exactly what you need. Figuring out what or who makes you feel comfortable and yet being okay with detaching yourself from the things you’ve come to know about yourself, where you reside, or your closest loved ones. Trust the process. You will intuitively know who and what is best for you at this time. 

Leo Rising

This eclipse will be happening in your 3rd House: The way you travel or how you travel in your daily life is shifting. You may feel urged to make new connections or get to know new people but slowly. You’re not as eager as maybe you usually are as you are thinking with more care about what you say, how you say it, and who you are giving your time and energy to. Small initiatives surrounding gaining new knowledge or skills and once again taking it slow. You want to come at things with more intention. You do not want to waste any of your resources on something that will not be fruitful.

Virgo Rising

This eclipse is happening in your 2nd House: How you make money is shifting, most likely needing to let go or sacrifice something in order to put yourself in a better financial position. There may be emotional work that needs to be done surrounding your self worth and what you feel that you deserve. Your sense of security may not be coming from the same sources anymore and learning ways to feel grounded and accept shifts in your life is key. There could be a desire to change your physical appearance in subtle and major ways, cosmetic or otherwise. 

Libra Rising               

This eclipse is shifting things in your 1st House: This is an ego death. You are not who you thought you were, your personality peeling away, layer by layer, revealing someone glistening and new. Let the changes guide you. Try your best to let go. There is no sense in hanging on to old, dusty identities that no longer feel as though they fit. There is a brighter you, a brighter direction to head in. Who or what you identify with, the things that inspire you, what brought beauty to your life before is morphing into something better and more tantalizing to your spirit. 

Scorpio Rising 

This eclipse will be highlighted in your 12th House: There is a change in your perspective on the scenarios that are happening in your life and you feel as though you can finally release or make real strides with something you could have been struggling with but keeping to yourself. You feel free, like a burden has been lifted but keep in mind that there’s still things that have yet to come to the surface. Secrets could come to the surface. The subconscious is loud. You find power in diving deeper into what you don’t know or understand.

Sagittarius Rising

This eclipse is making changes in your 11th House: There is something unexplainable, but felt deeply about the people you are connecting to at this time. Networking opportunities could prove to be very fruitful and extremely expansive. What you are learning either from the new people you may be surrounding yourself with or on your own, you will carry with you potentially for the rest of your life. You are willing to let go of anything that does not allow you to move in the ways you desire. You must be able to roam. 

Capricorn Rising

This eclipse is shaking things up in your 10th House: Your goals around your career are shifting. You very well could be letting go of a job in favor of another one or changing your position. There is a lot of sacrifice within this position but regardless,  there are wonderful things that can grow here. Don’t let the chaos surrounding you drag you down or distract you. Ground and focus in. Eventually, the gains, the status, or recognition that you may be looking for is coming. 

Aquarius Rising

This eclipse will occur in your 9th House: What brought you love, joy, solace, or adventure is shifting. You will have to reprogram what you believe, maybe rethink the religious or spiritual systems in your life if they no longer work for you. You are drawn to figures that seem to hold great knowledge and power. You may be drawn to teaching something yourself. There is a new journey, a new adventure to go on. You could make future plans to go on a retreat or pilgrimage. Finding a new way of life. A new guru.  

Pisces Rising

This eclipse is activating your 8th House: The changes or shifts in this position could feel sudden. But just as fast as you think you have lost something, you find something else worthwhile- a new relationship, a new job, a new way of thinking, finding new resources. Releasing without question is the fastest way to heal. You are not ignoring the issue or how it made you feel but knowing and accepting that you cannot change it. This could be a time of powerful spiritual awakening.