StarGazing: Lunar Eclipse in 5° Taurus

October 28th, 2023

By the end of October, we find the grim reaper knocking on our door asking for our dead.

It is the death of bad habits, the death of things that threaten our sense of safety, or security, or a past value or stance. This is the last breath of a past identity, a relationship, or a mindset and a chance to look at finality as a source of strength instead of something we should fear.

The past month could have felt like a battle of patience, tolerance, and will. We’ve been toiling away and at the same time trying to let go of the things that have created blockages. By the end of this month, those blockages will  have met their demise and while potentially bitter, it is still sweet. For some, down right delectable and delicious. 

There is no doubt that this can be a tough time. The things that are ending we could still feel tethered to or even responsible for. There could still be shame or guilt surrounding a situation that we are afraid that we may never be able to rectify. To view these “losses” as an opportunity to gain something better and remembering to not get caught up in how these things or people made us feel in the past is where our strength lies. Past ideologies, rules, and expectations- we’ve outgrown them. They can no longer fill the space we have created for our present selves.

Use the lessons from this eclipse as tools,  as a chance for self-discovery, to enrich both our inner and outer worlds, and to transcend what we see as undesirable or a weakness. 

There is still life after death. 

The energy from this lunation is powerful and will influence us for the next 6 months. You may have already been feeling its effects even before the 28th. 

Read your rising sign first, then your sun, then your moon to get a more developed “snapshot” of how this transit will affect you.


Aries Rising

This eclipse is happening in your 2nd House: Revising how you feel about your health, particularly physically or financially. Looking into the ways in which you can remedy any blockages around values or money. Thinking of quick, profitable but consistent ideas in order to reach goals. Beginning to feel more empowered to balance time and energy spent working or “grinding”. Not seeing yourself as breaking when you only must bend. 

Taurus Rising

This eclipse is happening in your 1st House: You are getting more acquainted with vulnerability because you feel your biggest flaws are exposed. There is a rejection of ideals built up about yourself over the years. You are becoming more transfixed on transformation of self and identity and learning that imperfections have beauty too. You feel as though you can let the hidden parts of your personality shine and are feeling radiant and comfortable in your own skin. A rebirth. 

Gemini Rising

This eclipse will be highlighted in your 12th House: You are clearing out confusion and delusions about your soul’s path or discovering it. It’s a good time to connect deeper to your creativity, even on a spiritual level and recognizing how you “get in your own way” more often than not. You are able to remove any blockages around your intuition as well and may get very telling answers through your dreams. You may be potentially feeling the “death” of things a lot more but also feeling a sense of freedom as a result. Shadow work and confronting the difficulties in your life feel extremely healing. 

Cancer Rising

This eclipse is making changes in your 11th House: Friendships and close connections are shifting for the better. Analyzing your role within certain groups or communities and questioning “how you belong” or your worth. Also, thinking about what you are willing to give to these connections and determining their worth. Seeking inspiration, hope, and encouragement from different or new sources. Striving to reach your highest potential through your involvement with others. 

Leo Rising

This eclipse is shaking things up in your 10th House: You are focused on your career and what you will achieve or what is changing. This could mean pursuing something new but some of you may already have a lengthy and detailed plan that you feel you are starting to see success or abundance from, even if it has taken a long time. You may currently be making sacrifices in order to reach long term goals. There is an appreciation for your journey within your work but knowing that there’s still so much more to do. There is a desire to become more skilled and more disciplined.

Virgo Rising

This eclipse will occur in your 9th House: You are searching for more meaning and depth in your life. There is a desire to learn, potentially develop a new or past hobby that you never had time for or study something deeply, maybe even considering going back to school. There is a hunger for knowledge from those that are different from you or from the things that are not yet known. Could be a good time or an opportunity to get away for a while or seek out a different environment. Hunting down fresh, more fun experiences for a more rich and diverse life. 

Libra Rising               

This eclipse is activating your 8th House: Like a little snake, you are still shedding your past selves and relationships. There is a focus on revenge but through living your best life, regardless of how others feel. You are feeling more confident even with all your imperfections and may be gaining some sort of abundance through embracing this. Debts and karma come to the surface but there’s no need to fret. To be honest, you already feel as though you have been through hell and back. What challenges you, makes you stronger. 

Scorpio Rising 

This eclipse is happening in your 7th House: Death and rebirth of partnerships and connections, you’re playing the waiting game to see what or who plays out. Shining while standing in your truth, you aren’t fearful of what’s being revealed to you. Intimate relationships require honesty. Contracts may require extra eyes. Stay focused on bringing harmony to the world around you. The dragon within you that is normally displayed is dormant. Time to find your peace. 

Sagittarius Rising

This eclipse is happening in your 6th House: There is work on finding a daily routine or methods that feel right and will stick. Your health or hygiene, whether emotional, spiritual, physical, or mental, is taken into consideration. It’s more than just building a routine but perhaps a lifestyle. It all starts with what you do daily, how to take steps towards your goals everyday even through distractions, worries, or doubts. Anything that isn’t benefiting you and needs to be flushed out- will be.

Capricorn Rising

This eclipse is in your 5th House: Connecting deeper to your inner-child or to the children in your life and learning through them. How do you take situations, achievements, or life too seriously? How can you express yourself, your humor, or have more fun? Life is colorful, how can you add your particular shade to the palette? Finding pleasure in the smallest of things will bring your great happiness. You can learn to connect to others in a deeper, more profound way through art and expression. 

Aquarius Rising

This eclipse is occurring  in your 4th house: Embracing any changes that are happening in the home or with your family life. You could feel closer or want to get closer to your family, particularly your mother or a mother figure. Learning to receive and trust your intuition will take you far and make these transformations in your life easier to withstand. Trusting your core group of people who sometimes see you clearer than you see yourself will also make it easier. You can feel more comfortable laying roots down at this time and creating a sanctuary for yourself.

Pisces Rising

This eclipse is happening in your 3rd House: Treading this world more delicately and carefully, whether it is through social media, within your interpersonal relationships or even with your family, you realize how much weight your words or tone holds, for better or for worse. Re-check travel plans and be okay with delays- you’re exactly where you need to be when you need to. Remain flexible as there is the potential for you to know everything and nothing at the same time, even about those close to you such as siblings. Be open to it all. Sharpen your skills. You are absorbing therefore learning so much around you.