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By Sophia Lee
  1. CRASH by Charli XCX

Charli XCX has taken the indie pop/hyperpop scene by storm for years. Most people either know her name or know a song or two by this queen, but we never imagined that during this hellacious pandemic she would give us some of her best bops yet; using several ‘80s pop influences along with the nostalgic dance sounds of the early 2000s, including September’s “Cry for You,” Charli XCX crafted some incredibly fun, dancy, and emotionally heartbreaking songs. She’s been an ally of the queer community for years and refuses to define herself or her music by the restriction of labels. 10/10 – HIGHLY recommend. 

My faves: “Move Me,” “Yuck,” “What You Think About Me”

  1. MUNA by MUNA

Though I have been listening to MUNA since about 2016, the band has recently begun to blow up due to a feature from Phoebe Bridgers on their self-titled album. They also did a remix of “Sometimes” by Britney Spears for the movie Fire Island. Falling into the synthpop category, MUNA mixes these captivating sounds with traces of hyperpop and new wave to craft each song. Every member of the band identifies as queer. They are HELLA GAY. I recently saw them at Headliners Music Hall and I have never been to a show filled with more love and compassion. 10/10 – absolutely.

My faves: “Silk Chiffon,” “Runner’s High,” “What I Want”

  1. PANORAMA by Hayley Kiyoko

Hayley should be a full-fledged lesbian icon by now but I constantly wonder if my friend, Andrew, and I are the only ones who recognize her greatness. Or maybe the others are out in Cali? Idk but her new album slaps tits. If you didn’t listen to her last album, Expectations, go do that first then check this one out. The album is dream pop crossed with bubblegum pop and her classic, underlying r&b tones. I’m here for this lovey dovey, candy ass shit. Maybe the current reviews of this album aren’t engaged in as much fagotry as I am because the album has not received the best reviews, unfortunately, but this is a hot one. 9/10 – ONLY because some of her lyrics could be better.

My faves: “for the girls,” “well…,” “luna”

  1. Special by Lizzo

OK. OK. OK. This album is legit a BOP and I will be seeing her for a third time in October, you bes’ believe it. It’s a disco, funk, pop album, which is always fun when it’s done well. It recently went number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for a bit and has received amazing praise all around. She pulls a lot of inspiration from ‘70s and ‘80s synthpop for this album, contributing to an influx of older crowds jumping onto the Lizzo bandwagon. Climb aboard, bitches! She has always been a loud and proud queer ally. She is yet another artist who refuses to confine herself and her music to the daunting restrictions that labels can hold over us. This album will give you life, whether is be at the grocery store, the car, or in the shower. 8/10 – it’s the lyrics for me, babes.

My faves: “About Damn Time,” “2 Be Loved (Am I Ready),” “Everybody’s Gay” 

  1. Bronco by Orville Peck

Peck is a gay country icon and he really should be more well known than he is. The best thing about this album is the vocals and lyrics. Peck has a beautiful voice and he showcases that very emotionally so in many of these songs. He is an incredibly romantic storyteller and the homoeorticism (not at all underlying in these lyrics, honey) are both captivating and absolutely inspirational. I think a Troye Sivan + Orville Peck duet is necessary. Make. It. Happen. 9.5/10 – there’s like ONE underwhelming song.

My faves: “The Curse of the Blackened Eye,” “Trample Out the Days,” “Blush”

  1. she / her / black bitch by Doechii

Doechii is wild, to say the least. She is a black lesbian rapper who broke alt, queer TikTok back in 2020 with her drop of “Yucky Blucky Fruitcake”. Now, this IS an Extended Play, not an album, but Doechii is still a newer, unestablished artist. This beauty dropped on August 5th and already has me wanting more. If this is an example of what her album will look like, I think we will all be pleased. 10/10 – for now but there’s only 5 songs so we’ll see.

My faves: “Persuasive (with SZA),”  “Swamp Bitches (with Rico Nasty).” “Bitch I’m Nice”

  1. blue water road by Kehlani

So, Kehlani is just a lesbian queen. She’s been put up on the highest shelf of lesbian musicians, especially that of black female queer artistry. This is the most emotional album that she has released so far. It’s a perfect album to roll up, blaze, and cry to. It’s raw and soulful. She combines rhythmic sounds of r&b, pop, hip-hop, and soul to craft what she describes as an “emotional, sexual, and spiritual journey”. The album is literally that cleansing, euphoric feeling you get from the first full-body dive into refreshingly cold water at the beginning of summer. 9/10 – some of her features didn’t fit exactly but overall, phenomenal work.

My faves: “altar,” “everything,” “little story”

  1. Broken Hearts Club by Syd

Syd tha Kyd, or Syd, is a bit of a mystery as a musician. She is a out and proud lesbian that announced her marriage to her longtime girlfriend just two months ago. She is a strong ally who sings about love, sex, and vulnerability. She utilizes the nostalgic sounds of r&b, neo-soul, and wave to create this dreamy album. It’s a culmination of sensual ballads and REALLY catchy eargasms. 10/10 – it’s gorgeous.

My faves: “CYBAH (feat. Lucky Daye),” “Heartfelt Freestyle,” “Out Loud (feat. Kehlani)

  1. Night Call by Years & Years

Years & Years has been a large part of the queer community for a long time. Though the band is now just Olly Alexander dumping his raw emotions onto us, we are all still here for it. This album was just FUN. So, so fun. Even the songs where Alexander discussing some gruesome heartbreak are rather lively. It’s got all the ingredients – electronica, dance, synthpop, etc. And, lyrically, it does what we need it to do – be catchy! 8.5/10 – Too many filler songs.

My faves: “Crave,” “Immaculate,” “A Second To Midnight”

  1. Versions of Me by Anitta

Anitta is a bisexual, Brazilian musician. This is her fifth studio album and it did not disappoint. She is incredibly talented and sings in Spanish, English, and Portuguese throughout the album. Produced by OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder, Versions of Me does a phenomenal job of showing the complexities of being a Latinx artist, trying to climb the pop charts. Using notes of reggaeton, EDM, and powerpop, Anitta is here to get you up of your feet and  make you cry just a little bit while you’re dancing. 10/10 – it’s Brazilian funk-pop, come the fuck on.

My faves: “Versions of Me,” “Boys Don’t Cry,” “Envolver”

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