RuPaul’s Drag Race Jackie Cox brings bewitching solo tour ‘JackieVision’ to Kentucky

Joshua Brown

In the wake of a universally tumultuous couple of years, many of LGBTQ+ people turned to simple pleasures to cope: knitting, baking, or comforting media. In Jackie Cox’s case, her refuge was television. 

JackieVision is a love letter not just to TV but to the idea that we have these things in our lives that bring us joy, Cox said. This show is about celebrating the part of yourself that lets these stories take you away.

While her tour will take her across the country — from San Francisco to Atlanta — Cox is excited to be making two Hard Candy stops in Kentucky, at Lexington’s Soundbar (9/24) and Play Louisville. (9/29). 

“One of the first places I went was to Louisville and to Play,” Cox said. “Louisville is a very cute town, very gay-friendly — I was very excited and very surprised to have had such an amazing time there [last time] that I can’t wait to see how they’ll react to something more personal!”

Using Marvel Studios’ WandaVision as a framework, JackieVision celebrates all things queer and pop culture with a signature blend of musical theatre, high-energy pop, and outrageous comedy. Audiences can expect musical numbers inspired by old and new favorites, such as Star Trek, The Nanny, The Handmaid’s Tale, & The Real Housewives.

Daniel Cole, producer of Hard Candy, said he had a chance to produce a couple of JackieVision shows with Cox earlier this year and enjoyed them so much.

“I think after a year of lots of lockdown television, it’s especially fun to see a show that is a tribute to television and pop culture,” Cole said. “I’m thrilled to be producing several more dates of JackieVision, including two in my home state of Kentucky! I hope to see my Louisville and Lexington friends there.” 

As a cast member on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12 — which aired in early 2020 — Jackie has a unique relationship to live performance. She said her first JackieVision stop in San Francisco was very memorable.

“There was such a variety of people in the audience — some people who were definitely in their 80s who stood up alongside people in their 20s. Wherever you are in your journey of embracing your true self, this show is for you!”

“There’s something for everyone,” she said. “Star Trek is such a big part of my childhood — it’s a part of TV history, especially from the point of view of the ‘other.’ In the ’60s, representation had to be coded. It had the first interracial kiss on TV — between Capt. Kirk and Lt. Uhura — and the network made them shoot another version where they did not kiss, but Shatner made it so bad that they couldn’t use it. There’s something to be said about where we’ve gone as a culture through TV and through drag as well!”

JackieVision’s full tour schedule and tickets are available at: JACKIEVISIONTHETOUR.COM