Lexington Fair Housing Council seeks volunteers to investigate housing discrimination

Does discrimination enrage you? Want to be a part of one of the best side gigs ever AND help fight illegal housing practices at the same time? Then this opportunity is for you! The Lexington Fair Housing Council, Kentucky’s only civil rights office dedicated to advocating for victims of housing discrimination, is looking for volunteers of all demographics to help investigate allegations of housing discrimination! 

Recently passed fair housing laws now protect ALL queer and trans folks in Kentucky from housing discrimination just like the federal laws that already protect race, religion, disability, and family status among others. Unfortunately, though, many housing providers in Kentucky aren’t aware or don’t care about this legal update. What’s worse, even when discrimination does happen, it’s often very difficult for residents to legally prove that what happened to them was, in fact, discriminatory.

This is where volunteering for LFHC comes in! Volunteers gather information and evidence for allegations of housing discrimination that directly supports the cases of LFHC clients.

All LFHC volunteers are financially compensated for their time and work. Payment ranges from $30-$70 per investigation depending on the type of info you’re asked to collect on behalf of the agency.

Volunteers are trained and prepared so that they can confidently complete the tasks they’re asked to do. If this sounds like a good fit for you, go ahead and fill out our online form here to get started: https://lexingtonfairhousing.com/volunteer/

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