‘I want other brown trans girls to look at me and be proud’

Kay Moss

When I hear Queer I think gay man or butch queen. A lady like myself doesn’t use that word to describe herself.

I can settle for words like TS or Trans woman but not Queer or tranny. I am from Louisville, Kentucky I was born at Norton Hospital. Growing up in Kentucky was very interesting. I was adopted at the age of five and I lived in a really good area of town and was fortunate to have nice things.

As a teen I was very androgynous and super feminine. Secretly, I always wanted to be a famous model. I would walk around with my nose in the air practicing my runway up the church aisle, neighborhood, sidewalks and wherever there was a crowd or a chance to turn someone’s head.

I was often times the smallest person in my class in school. I had an athletic body and smooth skin I never had much face or body hair. I was a cheerleader and a very good gymnast. I never gave my sexuality any thought but other people did. The world treated me like a girl for the most part. I was bullied for my skin color and femme ways all through school I dropped out of high school at 16 because I couldn’t focus. Dealing with my home life and being bullied was too much for me. I did obtain my GED at 18.

I always struggled with my spirituality sexuality and identity. I grew up in a very strict Pentecostal household. I thought I was going to hell until I was around 25. There came a point when decided I was going to live for me so I took my first hormone injection that I got from a friend. I started laser hair removal not long after I got breast implants. The first thing I wanted to do after getting my implants was do a nude shoot. So I did and things just went from there.

Being trans has been very eye opening and honestly I wish I would have done it sooner. My life has change so much for the better I was very mean and bitter before transitioning and I wanted to die young — now I want to live forever with out aging of course. I get a lot of support from my LGBTQ+ community.

I have always loved photography & modeling. I remember asking my adopted mom if I could be a model — she said no and I was devastated. I told my biological mom that one day I would go to Atlanta and pose nude and I was around 14. Well 14 years later, you can’t keep clothes on me.

I’ve always loved fashion but I love to be the naked body that is when I am most comfortable. When I am in front of the camera I feel sexy and powerful I think ‘wow I’m so lucky to do something I enjoy and to work with such awesome & creative people. My dream is becoming reality. My goal is to pose nude for a big campaign, be on the cover of magazines and billboards. I want to have a fancy manager — the whole bit. I want people to find beauty in my brown skin and trans body. I want them to see me as art and not a sex object. I want other brown trans girl to look at me and be proud.
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