Artist workin’ the fur


David J. Welker, Louisville, Kentucky by way of New Orleans, Minnesota and Ohio

I have this sad obsession with fur coats. But they’re so cheap at Goodwill sometimes.

One of them was real, but it was four dollars. It’s the one thing I feel I can pull off that I don’t see a lot of people doing these days. So its like a weird trademark of mine.

Life has taught me to have some attitude and I like to dress more bitchy, like wearing a fur coat and geometric jewelry. I just try to be as sharp and sexy as I can be sometimes. But oh my god, I will wear sweatpants and a drug rug and vans all day long.

I love wearing crop tops, and music festivals where I don’t know anyone is the perfect time to wear one; or when I’m modeling for someone. It was a cool experience modeling high-fashion for photographers when I was in school.

I’ve never modeled officially, but its nice to work with a photographer you’re comfortable with and being in front of the camera. I love seeing a photographers face glow up when they get the perfect shot. And being a photographer myself, I also know what that feeling is like.

It’s kind of fun to be you, but wear things you would never really want to wear. And I love finding things that I look good wearing.

Yeah, you could consider me an artist. I would consider myself more of a graphic artist. I love photography and doing weird shit in Photoshop. I work at a local advertising agency as a production artist.

My art for the most part, represents my mood at that moment to a certain extent. It’s my overly dramatic release to the world. It’s also my job.

Art also gets me out of the house to take photographs. Sometimes I see something that others might think, “oh, it’s just texture,” but I post it to my Instagram. I think it should be appreciated, so appreciate it!

For a project I made a whole calendar composed of happy foods that are in sad situations. I’ve always kind of liked that look and juxtaposition. I love stupid random little things like this sad ice cream cone.