THINKING QUEERLY: 10 Things you can do for Pride Month during COVID

This year Pride Month coincides with a global pandemic which, much like police brutality, is disproportionately killing the black people in our communities. Here are ten things that you can do this Pride Month to continue the fight for justice for black queers, black trans people, and black people at large.

  1. Protest alongside the black people in your community to end systemic racial injustice. (And wear a mask.)
  2. Vote in the Primary Election on June 23 for leaders who will help dismantle systemic racism.
  3. Donate money: to bail funds in Louisville and other cities, directly to Black Lives Matter, and/or to organizations and funds that support the BLM movement.
  4. Donate supplies to protesters/protest medics: safety goggles, face masks, permanent markers, poster board, food, water bottles
  5. Provide childcare for protesters.
  6. Provide rides to and from hot zones.
  7. Organize on your jobs for fair and equitable practices.
  8. Share links: to bail funds, safety precautions, direction action training classes. *But triple check the source to make sure it’s legitimate.*
  9. Educate yourself on issues of systemic racism, police brutality, white privilege, white allyship.
  10. Use your white privilege to call out racism when you hear it; write articles and blog posts in support of the ongoing protests.

And remember: the first Pride was a riot. A riot instigated by a black transgender woman.

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