Pray for the Prodigal Daughter That returned home a Son.

Ken, 23, Barren County, Kentucky

Pray for the Prodigal Daughter

That returned home a Son.

Praise for the Boy who journeyed into Manhood

without the guidance of a Father.

Blessed is he, with a new name.

Pray for the loss of a Sister,

Fleeting dreams of children that would not be born

Praise for the birth of a Brother!

The new dreams and ambition he brings!

Blessed is he, that has a choice, the illumination.

Pray for the awkward mistakes,

Faux pas and mystery of a freshly made Man

Praise for the New Man who peed in public toilets,

That undressed among other Men in the YMCA locker room

Blessed is he, with a new body. Freedom.

Pray for the secrets he keeps,

The lies he tells to lead his life

Praise for him! The honesty he lives!

the hidden knowledge he holds!

Blessed is he, for his breadth of experiences.

Pray for him, to hold his tongue

When others assume he is younger than he is.

Praise for the alto who would become a bass!

Blessed is he, with an unrestrained voice,

remind him of the restraint of the past.

Pray for his heart, his spirit

The Mormons, the fellows of his youth, reject him

Praise for his Friends! his Lovers!

For they have turned a hostile land into a hospitable one.

Blessed is he, to live in the Ohio River Valley.

Praise for the Prodigal Son!

That returned home A Man!

A Lover!

A Brother!

A Friend!

Blessed be the transforming power of testosterone!

Pray that the coffee stains,

are removed from his white shirt.