Adult Film Star Jack Hunter on his Queer Kentucky roots

To me, the word “queer” means weird, different, and misunderstood. I myself can identify with this idea because I often feel weird, different, or misunderstood. As a man who works in an industry that is dominated by the masculine archetype, but doesn’t always think and feel in this way, it can sometimes be difficult to relate with some of my peers. Especially those who do the job solely for the pay(the gay-for-pay for lack of a better term).

I’m originally from Louisville Kentucky, where weird isn’t really hard to find(if you know where to look). However growing up and going to a catholic grade school and then moving out to the suburbs of Jeffersontown it wasn’t until after high school that I really got to embrace my queer nature.

Unfortunately many of us don’t get to express our queer nature until we’ve grown in age and maturity, and some don’t express it at all because society doesn’t always nurture our queer behaviors. It’s what makes us weird that is also what makes being human so great and we should all embrace our queer nature as long as it’s not hurting anyone!

In the lgbtq community, queer people still face the scrutiny that mainstream society has pushed on us with its toxic masculinity. I think we all need to be a little more weird and a little more queer and shed the negative views that religion and society has built in our human race and start to build a better world for us all!

In my own way I’m trying to break some of those barriers in my own world. I’ve recently started doing drag and I’m trying to rock the boat and shake things up with a new project to stir the pot of the gay porn world! Stay tuned!

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