LGBTQ+ Organizations to protest anti-trans legislation in Frankfort

Serena Sonoma
Media Lead, South at GLAAD, Special to Queer Kentucky

Today several local LGBTQ organizations in Kentucky will be holding a rally in protest of two anti-transgender legislation, called the Kentucky Fairness Rally, the protest is being led by the Fairness Campaign, the state’s oldest and largest LGBTQ organization, in addition to ACLU of Kentucky, Kentucky Commission on Human Rights, and Lexington Fairness at the Capitol Rotunda in Frankfort. 

The rally comes in defiance of yesterday’s passing of House Bill 23 known as “Save Women’s Sports Act” which barrs transgneder women girls from playing on girls’ sports teams, which passed a House Education Committee hearing only 5 days after the passing of another anti-transgender bill, Senate Bill 83, out of the Senate Education Commitee (9-3), a bill which is spearheaded by Senator Robert Mills. 

While both bills are similar, SB 83 bans all trans girls, up to high school, from playing on girls’ teams. HB 23 makes an exception for trans girls in elementary school, but bans trans girls in middle school through college from playing on girls’ teams.
The rally will take place today at 1:30pm in the rotunda, according to Jeremy McFarland, Office Manager of the Fairness Campaign, before protesters move to the senate chambers to watch the proceedings. 
The rally will be livestreamed on the Fairness Campaigns Facebook page

According to the Fairness Campaign and ACLU Kentucky the Senate will vote on the legislation anytime after they convene at 2PM today.