Kentucky based band, GRLwood releases new music, “I Hate My Mom”

On Friday, June 28, GRLwood released “I Hate My Mom,” an angsty song about hating life as a teenager. Bandmates Karen Ledford and Rej Forester are natives of the Bluegrass and Queer Kentucky caught up with them today.

Q: Where are y’all you from?

A: Rae is from Louisville, and Karen is from Hardin County. 

Q: How has being in Kentucky influenced your music and persona?

A: We could say one million things as a response to this question. Kentucky has a very strong southern culture aspect to it, and it molds everything about how we communicate especially being queer in the Bible belt.  Our music is a direct reflection of our experiences growing up in this area, so I would say Kentucky influences everything for GRLwood.

Q: When and how did your band start? And has it been a struggle at all?

A: As a two-piece, we began in August 2017. Working with somebody as close as we work with each other has its ups and downs, however it has been a great pleasure creating together. We get along really well and make one hell of a team.

Q: How do you feel about performing at Kentuckiana Pride?

A: Performing at pride was very surreal. We feel very honored to be a part of such an incredible opportunity. That was the first pride either of us had seen people moshing, so we felt very well received and supported. We love queer Louisville.

Q: How are you furthering the Queer community?

A: This is a very complex question. Our music is a diary of growing up in Kentucky as queer persons and that gives platform for other people to relate and create discussion, which in turn creates community. 

Q:What is your favorite part about what you do?

A: Playing music with eachother and connecting with people in the crowd. But mostly being best friends and working together. 

Q: What does the word queer mean to you?

A: It is a safe all encompassing term which allows us our queer identities and maintains privacy. 

Q: What does the word feminist mean to you?

A: A person who believes in the equality of all people regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, class and disability. 

Q: What is the importance of Queer artists?

A: Representation really really really matters. People need to know they aren’t alone. 

Q: Who/what Influenced your work?

A: Our experience of growing up in this climate in Kentucky influences everything we do. Everything around us is constantly influencing us. Same for you. 

Q: What is your biggest goal as artists?

A: To be accessible to everyone. And to enjoy it.

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