Body positive pool party hosted by local boudoir photographer set for July 9

by Leah Bomar

Kaitlin Keane (she/her) is celebrating the anniversary of her local Louisville, Kentucky photography business by hosting the third Annual KKP Boudoir Pool Party Saturday, July 9 at 7:15 p.m. The 18+ only event is Kentuckiana’s most inclusive and body positive pool party where all genders and body types are invited to don a sexy suit and romp around at River Run Family Water Park.   

Kaitlin Keane (she/her)

“A pool party is the closest thing to being in lingerie in public,” Keane said. “This event is a way for us to give back to the community and clients while celebrating the anniversary of KKP Boudoir.”

The night will include music from a DJ, giveaways and concessions.  Of course, there will be plenty of opportunities for photo ops, including a 360 photo booth.

Grab your tickets, here!

If you follow Keane on social media, you’ll see the blonde bombshell walking the body love walk.

“I take a lot of pride in being a plus size photographer.  I want everyone to enjoy where they are right now.  Everyone feels uncomfortable in their swimsuit.  I just wanted to show people they can be comfortable in their body… in a swimsuit in public or at a boudoir shoot.”

Keane is constantly encouraging others to ‘upgrade your nudes’… even the dudes! 

“We believe in body positive values and body neutrality.  Being a babe has no gender identity or sexual orientation.  There are a lot of other boudoir photographers in town who focus on women only, but everyone needs to feel empowered and sexy.”

Keane talked about how common it is to see a ‘dudeoir’ or male session where the guy is laying on his belly making a silly face, like a joke session.  She wants to give all genders the chance to take some sexy ass pictures to share with their partners or for their own personal empowerment.

“We don’t ever want people to feel left out, in any way.  You can be thin or male and still be uncomfortable with your body.”

Which is why the biggest adult pool party of the year is wide open to all genders and body sizes.  So when guys message and ask if they can come to the event, Keane lets them know ‘Yes!  But this isn’t Tinder, this isn’t a hook up.  Just don’t be creepy.’

The other cool thing about the pool party is its hyped as a sober safe space.

“It’s always hard to do things with friends without it being centered around alcohol in this city.”

Keane is the person ordering a mocktail at the bar but encourages people to show up at the pool party or a session as they feel most comfortable. 

“When people come in the studio, I always ask if they want an alcohol or non-alcoholic drink.  As much fun as it is to do the photoshoots, I love the community!”

Future community events in the works include possibly an Adult Prom and as always sexy single, couples or best friend photoshoots shoot can be booked at

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