Berea PRIDE to host second annual Easter egg hunt

On Saturday, April 8th from 1 to 4 PM, Berea PRIDE will be hosting its second annual Easter egg hunt. There will be games, food, and prizes available for anyone interested in joining. 

In Berea, there are very few Easter egg hunts and even fewer that aren’t church affiliated. Berea PRIDE’s new Easter egg tradition aims to bring something new to the table for LGBTQ+ families, allies, and advocates. The committee has worked hard to provide several family-friendly events and spaces where kids, adults, and everyone in between can show up and enjoy themselves. 

The Berea PRIDE Committee started in 2018 as the initiative of a now Berea College alum named Hunter. Two of the original members are still with the committee after six years. It started with a pride event similar to the one that Lexington has every June. Berea Pride happens in October since college students are gone in the summer. This year will be their seventh annual pride festival.

Although the egg hunt is a new event for the committee, last year’s activities turned out around 300 people in total. The group is expecting at least that much, if not more this year. The event will have a few themed Easter baskets to give away including one for kiddos and two for adults. There will also be an Easter bunny passing out candy and high-fives for folks. Vendors at the event include Kona Ice, Tom’s Traveling Coffee, and Soulful Creation.

“With all of the current legislation that’s passing in Kentucky, we’re trying to tell people that we are here, and we are part of the community, itself, the larger community. We are a large part of this community. There’s legislation that’s passing and affecting 300-plus people. Berea is not super tiny, but it’s not huge either. There are a lot of us here, and we meet with a lot of adversaries from local government bodies. So, a big part of this is to create events where we can all come together and feel safe and connected together, but also make the statement ‘this is how many of us are here’,” stated Kat Reid of the Berea PRIDE committee.

The group is actively looking for sponsors, vendors, and volunteers for Pride on September 30th this year. You can check out their website, Facebook, and Instagram for more details.