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Inclusivity is Good for Business

Employers all over America are realizing the importance of creating Queer Inclusive Workplaces. Not only is a Queer Inclusive Workplace good for employees and customers, but it’s also good for business, giving your organization an advantage in recruiting and retaining top talent while also encouraging increased spending from customers and clients.

Queer Kentucky’s Queer-Inclusive Workplace Workshop addresses workplace inequality for LGBTQ+ employees, while also giving participants the tools and confidence to create a more productive and respectful workplace.

Queer Kentucky is now offering 3 different diversity, equity and inclusion training and workshops for the workplace. All of our workshops are run by skilled facilitators, who are ready to connect with your employees over Along with telling the stories of Kentuckians via our publication, we are now striving to change the narrative for queer folks in the work place.

A Guide to Pronouns

Looking for a pronoun specific training? This training is designed to equip participants with a basic understanding of pronouns and gender identity, why they matter, and how to use them respectfully. Participants will leave the course with the tools they need to communicate with confidence.

Are you interested in making your business a safer place to work for your trans and nonbinary employees? Did you know that being trans-inclusive actually improves the bottom line? What does it mean to be trans-inclusive anyway? Queer Kentucky is excited to help your company’s inclusion initiatives grow and succeed.

Queer Inclusive Workplace 101

This is our flagship workshop, designed to equip participants with the knowledge and tools to foster a queer-inclusive work environment. The session covers essential terms and identities within the LGBTQIA+ community, examines the professional and personal impact of inclusive versus unsafe work environments, and provides actionable guidelines for implementing inclusive workplace policies and practices. The content includes a discussion on statistics highlighting workplace discrimination, the economic benefits of diversity, and practical steps for immediate, short-term, and long-term inclusivity. Participants will leave with a deeper understanding of queer inclusion and tangible strategies for creating a more supportive workplace.

How to Be an Ally in a Corporate Setting 201

Developed as a followup to Queer Inclusive Workplace 101, this course is designed to build confidence and feelings of empowerment for employees in the workplace. Participants can undergo both trainings in the same setting, use this class as a refresher and skill builder at a later date, or be taken on its own. In this session, participants will gain the knowledge and tools to enhance their allyship for LGBTQ+ individuals in a corporate environment. Participants will learn what an inclusive workplace looks like, why an inclusive workplace is good for business as well as the employee, and be given the tools and the feelings of empowerment to apply these lessons to improve their own workplace for themselves, their coworkers, and (if applicable) clients/partners.

We offer both on-site and off-site trainings for greatest efficiency and convenience.

Contact us below to configure a workshop that best fits your organization!


You will gain a foundational understanding of trans-inclusivity and why it matters from a humanistic and business perspective.


You will learn how to talk about trans and gender-nonconforming identities, as well as issues relevant to them.

Best Practices

We will offer examples of actionable, specific strategies for implementing a trans-inclusive workplace plan.

Conflict Resolution

We will introduce you to the concept of microaggressions and strategies for both avoiding and dealing with them.

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