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‘Ban conversion therapy Kentucky’ Executive Director’s call to action

For me the word queer is liberating. Growing up in Southern Indiana, where there was minimal support for LGBTQ people, I didn’t know what supportive LGBTQ spaces looked like. Moving to Louisville, Kentucky, I started coming into my queer identity and learning how my other identities influence the way I exist in various spaces. For …

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Pronouns Matter

by Sarah Gardiner Pronouns matter. Apart from name, they are the main way we address other humans in conversation, thought, and identity. So understanding them and getting them right is vital. Let’s start by defining the concept. Pronouns are the words we use when referring to another person. The three sets you will hear most …

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Being Queer Interview

Gay, not lesbian

Lindsey Norris, Louisville, Kentucky What does the word queer mean to you? To me, it’s an umbrella for anyone who does not identify as heterosexual. How do you identify? Why? Or why don’t you identify as anything at all? I identify as gay, just because that describes that I am interested in people of the …

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Being Queer

Bless the gender journeys

  Morgan Frierson, Kentucky Queer to me encompasses bits and pieces of all identities/genders/attractions. It is a term that illustrates purposeful ambiguity in the spectrum of love. This ambiguity brings confidence and comfort. It is freeing. When first coming out eleven years ago, I felt I had to identify as “one” sexuality, “one” gender, and …

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