January StarGazing With Tigresse Bleu

Planetary Placements for Jan:

Jan. 4th- Mars enters Capricorn

Jan. 11th- New Moon in 20° Capricorn

Jan. 14th- Mercury enters Capricorn

Jan. 20th- Sun enters Aquarius

Jan. 22nd- Pluto enters Aquarius

Jan. 23rd- Venus enter Capricorn 

Jan. 25th- Full Moon in 5° Leo

Congrats! You made it to another calendar year and if no one has told you yet- damn that was hard and yet here you are. I am proud of you

As we move into the new calendar year, I wanted to touch on the numerical significance of the year 2024. I am no numerologist so check with a professional for further details but what I can tell you is that we are moving into a ‘8 year’- a year that represents power, passion, and authenticity. We may feel an urge this year to begin major paths that we will continue on for years to come. Our achievements and what we can accomplish is at the forefront. 

This year can also boil down to a ‘6’- which is a number of compassion and creativity. 

When attuning into the divine symbolism of numbers, we can see this as a year of hope, verve, and challenges but at the center of it all, love. A deep fervor to make it all better. 

This is reminiscent of the Strength tarot card, the 8th card of the Major Arcana. Astrologically, this card is ruled by the sign Leo and Leo is connected to the heart space. An energy that is ferocious in love and desire, a parallel with the numerological meaning of ‘6’. 

All of this becomes more transparent throughout the month starting off with Mars entering Capricorn on the 4th. 

Mars in Capricorn is a powerhouse. 

Exalted. A champion. Mars really works here. This could mean that the promises and the resolutions we’ve made to ourselves have a decent chance.

We’re working smarter but still working hard. We are honing in on our craft and taking the appropriate steps towards our goals. This isn’t about shortcuts or luck. This is about practice and perseverance. Sloppy renderings, half-baked ideas, and unfinished projects are highlighted and criticized. This is a time where we strive for personal excellence and nothing short of it.

It is a thoughtful energy. Doing things without intent feels like a waste. We are in the spirit of pursuing what we wholeheartedly believe we can achieve. Even if we have to go at it alone. Even if it means waiting. There is no time frame for what is precious and important to us. Failure is also a part of this process. Without it, we do not know true success. Please don’t think that it is only about “getting it right”. It’s about fine tuning. Maturation. The process of it all. What success looks like to each of us will of course vary but what should never change is once it’s all said and done, you are proud, satisfied, and feel complete with the work you have done. 

Mars can express its natural, passionate and fiery nature here in a controlled manner. Collectively, we will exude confidence and feel assured with what we have produced. 

Capricorn comes with the past knowledge of what struggle is. Inherently it knows what it means to endure, to gain strength through strife and loss. Even if the life lived is considered to be one of blessings and ease, there is always an underlying heaviness within Capricorn. Its wisdom lies within its weakest moments. 

On the 11th, the new moon in Capricorn is where we will dive deeper into our callings and shine in our own beautiful way. 

This month in general finds us bursting with gusto and inspiration but nothing fleeting. There is much purpose packed in this energy. How this moon will lend itself to this is by encouraging us to manifest becoming the hero of our stories after a period of playing the villain. The leader that through trials and tribulations has defeated all doubt and succeeds against all odds. 

Just as it is triumphant, it is also healing. This lunation can soothe our discomfort around reservedness, appreciation, and solitude. We are gaining the confidence to show up not only for ourselves but for each other. By connecting to our deepest passions and dedicating ourselves to them, we begin to beam; our light radiating out to everyone we come across. 

A cycling of energy that replenishes our faith.

As Mercury enters Capricorn on the 14th, our thought processes will lean on the more methodical and cautious side. 

This type of Mercury is conservative and careful. It does not aim to fling ideas at walls in hopes of something sticking. It will not make time for just anything. It is direct, thorough, and precise in all endeavors. In turn, this energy will help make us feel sturdy and savvy and whether we work within a team or on our own does not matter necessarily. It only matters which will yield the best results. 

We are more about showing then telling. Most of the time this Mercury chooses to say nothing at all and lets the work speak instead. Capricorn doesn’t squander its power by boasting and broadcasting. The natural authoritative tone within this sign has no need for explanations. Its dependability and loyalty is evident and unwavering.  

There is a tendency to be pessimistic with this Mercury. Be aware of thoughts that are too critical or of accidentally setting standards that will eventually become “too high” or at least start to feel that way after initial let downs or disappointments. We must remember that some pursuits will take time.

Saturn’s influence within Capricorn and the association with The Devil tarot card in the Major Arcana always makes me think of the more subversive parts of our personalities. Our “demons” if you will. I always recommend making “friends” with those demons and not shunning them in an attempt to love both our light and our shadow selves. We of course inhabit both of these energies but through this, we can become more vulnerable to our pain. 

Another celestial moment to become more aware of our addictions, to find out where our shame hides, and how our guilt thrives.

The 20th sees us no longer smothered by Capricorn energies as the Sun moves into the sign of Aquarius. 

We emerge even further out of our cocoon and into the open during this season. We are looking for a community and people we can share what we’ve recently unearthed. We are futuristic and attracted to experimentation. Our creativity and consciousness grows. 

Enough with “Aquarians have no emotions”…this sign is far too social and people oriented to not have emotions. Its energy can be detached but from ego, not emotions. It genuinely wants to help. It wants to improve. It believes in flourishing for every.body. 

During this time, we prefer to work out issues together and to collaborate. For some people, we may not feel the need to tear down and apart in order to improve things. If we can, we would love to add. To innovate and to expand on what is possible. Supporting a bigger idea feels good. Giving to one another feels good. 

But being the “wildcard” of the zodiac means that it’s not afraid to switch it up when needed. 

One of the biggest astrological events to happen this year is Pluto shifting into Aquarius for the next 19-20 years starting on the 22nd until September 1st and then again on November 19th. 

On the outskirts of our solar system lies the tiny but mighty Pluto. It is Mars’ chilly little sister. They display similar energies but there is something biting about Pluto. It is not wild and smoldering. It will not burn you to ash. With Pluto, it is bitter. Numb. An icy stab and a piercing stare. 

Versus the violence that Mars can demonstrate with its aggression, war-like attitude, and destruction- Pluto is that. It is the cold aftermath of when it is all said and done.The barren land of death and the screaming rebirth. 

The last time Aquarius was found in Pluto’s grasp was from 1778-98, a time where revolutions roared. Aquarius is the sign that says  “I Know”. It researches through trial and error. A balance of idealism and action. A drive that strives to discover for the betterment of its community.

For humanity. 

This is an age of enlightenment, unity, and alliances but before true integration can come, first comes chaos. 

Until 2043, we are collectively transforming systems, innerstanding what “power” is, and themes surrounding technology and information. Together we will experience these shifts and push for something greater and aligned in truth. We are no longer comfortable with the status quo and are willing to throw it all away, freeze it out, and burn it down. 

These challenges are seen as opportunities to perfect and create a version of utopia. 

On the 23rd when Venus moves into Capricorn, we could find ourselves seduced by all that is sensible and sensual. 

Slow and deep, you already know this sign likes to take its time. This is a quiet kind of sexiness. Under Venus’ influence, Capricorn oozes devotion. This is not a placement that strays. It stays steady and is willing to wait. 

We are in it for the long haul whether this is a relationship or creative project. We are committed to coaxing out the best within us and what takes up space around us. Our love at this time is luxurious but not loud. There is a grounded aura surrounding the things we love, want to create, and value. We want to start building our reality. Making others feel special feels like an honored responsibility as nothing brings us more joy.

It feels natural to want to strip things back and be more bare. Simplicity feels easy and needed. There is a comfort in releasing what doesn’t feel necessary which makes this Venus placement very healing. It is easier to take out the trash. 

Feasting off the bone until cleansed and purified. 

On the 25th we close out this month with a glorious full moon in Leo. Another energy that helps us to clean up our lives.

This moon highlights where we may need to take more risk. After carefully planning and plotting, for some, it may be time to stake a claim and let the universe know what we are truly wishing for. We could feel torn between options but if we were to check in, our hearts will tell us which way to go. 

Leo’s courage pushes us and yes, it is dramatic. It feels alarming because it genuinely is. The point is not in weighing the severity. To force yourself to live a life that is anything less than joyful, interesting, and valuable to you is poor living through Leo’s eyes. 

Why not be grand? Why not make your life great?

What if you just did the damn thing?

Just because this energy is grandiose does not mean it is delusional. Of course we could be taking giant leaps of faith and maybe that’s what we need. 

Being stagnant is not an option at this time. Giving yourself a moment to mourn what is changing and will be lost through this process. This is perfect for this moon, especially if you are making a huge decision but don’t be afraid to make a move. Every leap forward is a leap toward self discovery. Unless you absolutely know your situation is completely impossible then don’t try it but most of us won’t know that.

So we might as well do the damn thing.