Trans Wellness Summit to offer free educational, healthcare resources

Navigating the world of healthcare proves difficult for many Queer people throughout Kentucky, especially the transgender community. There’s worry of deadnaming, harassment, body dysphoria and much more. Luckily, the Trans Wellness Summit takes place every year in Louisville, offering healthcare resources and education for the trans community.


The third annual Transgender Wellness Summit is Saturday March 26 at the University of Louisville Student Activities Center Ballroom (2100 Floyd Street, Louisville, KY 40208) from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Sarah McKinney, Trans Wellness Summit chairperson, said being trans mean being faced with challenges in every direction.

Sarah McKinney, Chairperson of Trans Wellness Summit

“Once [trans people] decide to start their journey, they can be quickly overwhelmed with how to begin, who to trust and where to go to help them along the way. They have legal, medical, and mental health decisions to make,” she said. “They must consider their friends and family, their work colleagues and everyone that they have encountered throughout their life. Each and everyone one of these hurdles means finding the resources and information to help them succeed with their journey.” 


The Summit strives to gather the resources and information together in one setting to help make it easier for those at any point in their journey. Without the summit or assistance, finding all the different resources needed for transition can take months or years.

“To help ease the process, healthcare professionals, community organizers, and organizations are coming together to help Transgender people, and those who love them, navigate the road of transition,” McKinney said. 

Attendees to this free event will have the opportunity to hear about cutting edge treatments in the physical and mental care of transgender people, including youth and adult hormone care regiments and surgical procedures. There will be lecture and panel style discussions for adults and children. Surgeons, primary care providers, mental health therapists, and endocrinologists are just some of the professionals that will be presenting. Registered attendees will also receive a free gift bag for attending.

Information Sessions