The Vampire Shot Glass: because not just cis women have periods

by Alixandria Thomason
Vampire Shot Glass Kickstarter

The Vampire Shot Glass is an all-gender inclusive menstrual cup for anyone who menstruates. It is similar to the menstrual cups you’ve seen before, manufactured and tested in the US and created out of medical grade silicone. The two biggest differences lie in who the CEO is and who they are made for. Madeline, the founder of Vampire Shot Glass, is also a certified sex coach and has used her platform on TikTok to educate the masses on inclusivity in sexual issues. And the intended audience- anyone. This includes all different genders as well as a variety of body shapes. According to their website, “We are different from other menstrual cup companies because we’re committed to affirming identities and supporting gender euphoria.”

They have three different sizes, one of which is specifically made for people with low cervixes. There are also small holes toward the top to keep it from vacuuming to the cervix. The tab on the bottom helps with grip, and the overall design is super easy to use. And best of all- no mention of “women” or “feminine” anywhere. Periods are not just for women and not all women menstruate- and the period products we have available to us should represent that. 

Sizing chart
source: VSG Kickstarter page

I talked to Madeline about the exciting Kickstarter campaign that launched April 1st. “The biggest thing people can do to help is to share and support the campaign. We need to get the word out there.” As a queer-owned small business, word of mouth is the quickest way to really get this amazing product off the ground.

And Vampire Shot Glass is just the beginning. There are a lot of ideas for the future, both around products and around education. In the field of bodies and how they work, education is everything. “We believe there is no right way to menstruate and acknowledge that menstruation is not gender specific. We’re sick and tired of the pink-washed toxic menstrual industry and have decided to do something about it.”

Log on to the Kickstarter page and support this amazing company and its product. You can check out Madeline’s TikTok to learn more here:

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