The art of the hole pic: Interview with adult actress Mimi Oh

Porn — lesbian porn, trans porn, gay porn, food porn, straight porn, fisting porn, furry porn, hentai porn, free porn and premium porn: Pornography and it’s associated paraphillias encompass 25% of my online activity, and probably more of yours, since I am the pinnacle of healthy morality and my readers, the lot of you depraved piggies, are not. The allure of porn has enticed practically everyone (and if it hasn’t, I don’t believe you!) and has created a special place in itself for my particular niche identity, with trans women being overwhelmingly connected to sex work and pornographic spaces.

However, I don’t know anything about that! Aside from overcharging men who bother me for the same nudes I send to brown haired mediocre guitarists upon request for free, I’ve never forayed into sex work, as many offers as I’ve had and as probably easy as it would make life. I opted for a different, poorer route: instead of selling my hot, youthful body and hole pics to easily afford plastic surgery, I went for an education and god, wasn’t that a mistake? Don’t major in liberal arts unless you have rich parents — instead, sell hole. The trans experience when I was growing up was almost intrinsically linked to sex, with seemingly everyone selling and posting nudes, videos, camming, escorting, etc to afford surgeries or some semblance of a life when faced with employer discrimination or lack of access to certain resources. And that… Honestly didn’t change.

I had recently met with another transgender friend who had been a sex worker since we met: she had now been doing onlyfans and escorting, which brought in quite a bit of money for her, and with that, she was able to make her dreams come true and progress in life to where she wanted to be, all at a drastically younger age than I: and here I was, slaving away in some miscellaneous job, fire bombing my bank account with korean skin care purchases and ASOS blouses. This prompted a fixation for me, and an analysis — where would I have been if I tossed aside my useless pride, or internalized whorephobia and just… You know, sucked some dick? I was already doing it for free for people who contributed nothing to my life (guitarists who will not write songs about me), what was the big deal?

I thought about my friends, and their successes: that of my friend, adult performer Mimi Oh — while not an escort, Mimi had recently made headway into the adult film industry, transitioning from onlyfans, something she had started after losing her job in the pandemic, and now Mimi was guzzling glizzies in HD (and looking really elegant somehow while doing it?). Upon some light rescheduling (I am chaotic), I was able to set aside some time and ask her a series of invasive questions: but none so invasive I’d need to send her a call sheet. 

Giving a cutie-sexy aura seemed to be her speciality, her instagram and other medias full of cosplay, figurines, and other otaku culture. Donned in pastels, gyaru brand and with sparkling skin and hot-pink hair, Mimi looks like any manga heroine: complete with practiced gravure poses and a fresh, floral energy that can’t seem to be easily matched on or off camera: and, more importantly, nice tits.

Mimi: “Welcome to two trannies and their vocal fry.”

Anya: “Oooh, we’re sounding very clocky today. Sorry it took me a second, I uh…”

Mimi: “I don’t know you extremely well, but I know you well enough to know you’re never organized.”

Anya: “It’s just not realistic for me.”

Mimi: “And I’m fine with that.”

Anya: “It’s chaos… So here are the questions we need to know. I feel like you’re excelling in the trans sexwork community.”

Mimi: “Am I?”

And the answer, is yes. 

Q: Did you start with content creation, like onlyfans? 

A: That’s how I got my start, yeah.

Q: I know most of the girls did the cam sites, were you on those?

I never did any camming, surprisingly. I feel like I’m too awkward.

A: But you stream! You do twitch. You’re literally an actress. An actress!

Q: Oh, but that’s different. I’m gaming. I’m doing things i’m interested in, vs camming where I have to be faux horny.

Q: What lead to onlyfans? Was it moneeeeyyy? 

A: Yeah, it was money. Initially I was just posting on reddit. One of my exes said posting on reddit would help my confidence. He was right, it did… From there, the panini happened and I was without job because I was working in retail at the time. People had been asking for an onlyfans quite a bit, and I had a following from reddit. So I made a twitter, once it hit a certain amount of followers, I made a onlyfans. And that happened! And almost two years later, here I am…

Q: Do you feel like onlyfans was the only thing you could do, or…?

A: I was collecting unemployment, so it wasn’t like I had to do this. People were asking for it, so I monetized it.

Q: She said yes, I was a welfare queen.

A: I am the 1%’s worst nightmare. I claimed my unemployment and I was selling hole pics. That’s a girl boss. 

Q: Do you feel like your life has improved and you live easier?

A: I’m definitely a lot happier in my life than i was before. I don’t want to say porn has given me a purpose in life, but before I was just going through life and didn’t know what I wanted to do — then I found this, and it was something I wanted to do and enjoy.

Q: Do you think it’s a bit harder or an obstacle to find work as a trans person?

A: Here’s the thing — the state of trans porn right now, and how women are portrayed… I don’t identify with that. There are plenty who do, and that’s valid for them, but I’m not someone who does. I’m gonna sound completely insane saying this, but I don’t like… see myself as trans. I’m just another hot girl. I’m still fully aware of my identity and who I am, but the kind of content that I like to make is usually stuff you see with cishetero, mainstream studios and creators. I feel like my content is more in line with what you’d see on a ciswoman’s page, rather than a transwoman’s since I’m not very focused on the front. I’m very submissive. A lot of my content is very heterosexual, I film with mostly cismen…

Q: I know a lot of transporn is very fetishizing. There’s always like, an awareness of taboo and stigmas and they’re reinforced through the porn.

A: A huge problem was that it was super acceptable for slurs to be used, even in the titles… For like, mainstream performers. Studios were just casually doing that, but recently stopped because people spoke up. It was really fucked up that they were still doing that, they were using slurs people used against us and were profiting from it.

Q: Do you feel like you have any goals through the content you’re creating and participating in?

A: Yeah, I guess so! I would like to create a space, that’s like… Making room for more girls like me, who don’t really fit the traditional mold of trans performers. Who actively don’t use their front parts due to bottom dysphoria.

Q: Affirming porn? I’ve tried to watch trans porn before and it’s always like… fem top.

A: I don’t know, I just want transwomen to be accepted into porn the same way ciswomen are. We have such limited opportunities, comparatively. If it’s not a trans specific studio, they’re not gonna book you.

Q: We’ve talked about this before, but a lot of mainstream male performers are like working with trans performers, just for the performativity and ally points, almost…

A: There definitely has been some of that. They’re using the most popular trans performers once and then never again, as opposed to just actively integrating trans models into their content as well.

Q: Going from onlyfans to studio productions, how was that?

A: My first shoot that I ever did, I was very nervous and very awkward. It was the first thing I was doing after getting my breast augmentation. I had been out of practice for quite a bit. It was my first studio shoot, and to top it all off, my scene partner ended up being the male performer of the year. So, oh! “No pressure. I’m going to make an absolute fool of myself.”

Q: Do you typically know who you’re going to be doing scenes with?

A: No, it was actually supposed to be someone else but he was a no show… They improvised at the last minute. Typically, I don’t know until the night before when I get my call sheet. It’s most just a who’s-who of what dick is available at what time.

Q: So it’s mostly just catered to the actress. They’re like “c’mon, pole!”

A: Yeah, it’s the actress who’s the main selling point. At least for something more heterosexual.

Q: What expectations did you have going in for your first scene and what was it like in relation to that?

A: I don’t know if I really had any, to be honest! They had a hair and makeup artist… There was an actual staff and production crew.

Q: So you got fucked in front of tons of people? Love that for you.

A: I have social anxiety, but I got fucked in front of an entire production crew. Social anxiety be damned when a check is on the line. I was generally very nervous. We’re on set for 5-8 hours.

Q: How much of that is like actual sex? That you’re actually putting your body to work?

A: A good 2-3 hours? 

Q: Jesus. That sounds uncomfortable.

A: It… It is. I don’t think people realize how much actually goes into making porn. There’s shooting promo pictures, getting ready, signing paperwork, going over your guidelines, and then depending on the scene, shooting and reshooting dialogue and shooting it from different angles. I’m doing a new scene and they had sent me a storyboard. I don’t know if any of my other shoots had even had a storyboard, but I had never been sent one. This is such a production — there’s set building, extras, i’ve never done a scene that had extras. It’s a lot.

Q: Are there usually like, interruptions?

A: Usually, we do all the still promo pictures first before sex scenes. So basically we practice having sex before actually having sex on camera. I usually have to get my makeup touched up. We are kind of usually taking little breaks. 

Q: Do you have anything that you would want people to know about the industry before pursuing? 

A: I’d guess some advice is to always keep your wits about you, always vet people. Always, y’know, if someone reaches out to you, whether it’s an agency or studio or creator, look to see who they’ve worked with and ask those people their experiences. And also keep in mind we are not all rich, we’re just trying to make rent. 

Mimi Oh can be followed at:

Q: I don’t know your like, age demographic but—

A: I’m pretty sure me and you are the same age?

Q: *chokes* I don’t… know about that one. I’m a hag, I’m just photoshopped and asian.

A: How old are you?

Q: I may throw up. *gags* I’m 29. I was born in 92. She’s not very accomplished…

A: That’s not that old! You’re the same age as my boyfriend.

Q: I majored in English and it went downhill from there.

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