Being Queer Education Interview Louisville

Bourbon County Brent

Brent Schanding, Bourbon County What does the word queer mean to you? How do you identify? For me, “queer” is anything different, alternative, out of the norm. It’s a counterculture — a way of life that’s on the fringe of what’s socially acceptable. As a person who’s always felt on the periphery, queer is an …

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Being Queer Education Gender LGBT rights Pronouns

Pronouns Matter

by Sarah Gardiner Pronouns matter. Apart from name, they are the main way we address other humans in conversation, thought, and identity. So understanding them and getting them right is vital. Let’s start by defining the concept. Pronouns are the words we use when referring to another person. The three sets you will hear most …

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Fairness Director on Queer Kentucky

  Chris Hartman, Louisville, Kentucky Queer, while still steeped in a complicated history, and hurtful to many, has overall become what I feel is among the most inclusive terms—an umbrella that works to leave no one out. I definitely identify as a member of our inclusive queer community. Where are you originally from and explain …

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