StarGazing with Tigresse Bleu: February 

2/5: Mercury Enters Aquarius 

2/9: New Moon in 20° Aquarius

2/13: Mars Enters Aquarius 

2/16: Venus Enters Aquarius 

2/19: Sun Enters Pisces

2/23: Mercury Enters Pisces 

2/24: Full Moon 5° Virgo

A macrocosm in bloom, we expand past our personal cosmos and reach for the idyllic, composed and assured. 

Enter the season of The Water Bearer where ideas and expression come to form the center of our world starting with Mercury entering Aquarius on the 5th.

Mercury in Aquarius is a forward-thinking, processing beast. It is very mental. Very experimental. It does not give into trends or things that will flutter away with the wind. There is a stability here. Fluctuation only occurs when this sign is ready for it. It plans it. 

It carefully structures the trends. Bends and molds them and then breaks them, piecing it together again however it sees fit. 

Being that this has both a Uranian and Saturnian influence, we may feel that our thoughts are chaotic. Shifting in and out of ideas and ways to flesh them out and complete them. But that’s the thing- we can complete them. Within this placement is both a beautiful idealism and a strong steadiness. 

We are drawn to creation, taking inspiration from every form and medium. 

It is visionary. It is the tinkering and perfection of thought. 

Our focus is potentially on expanding our career or finances, creative problem solving, putting more effort into giving back to our communities, and planning ahead. Be aware of overly blunt communication and the need to be “right”. Our convictions underneath this sign can be strong for better or for worse. 

This energy is emphasized with the new moon in 20° Aquarius on the 9th. 

This lunation will appeal to our more analytical emotions but I’m not going to sit here and project more of the “Aquarius placements are robots and have no emotions” rhetoric. 

Yes, Aquarius is a calmer, more “cool” version of its counterpart Leo but that doesn’t mean it is void of emotion. It too has an imagination and a passion that can run wild and rampant but it displays it quietly. It processes emotion in solitude. In music, poetry, and black and white films. 

It may not be immediate but there is no loneliness here. In fact, we could feel more comfortable alone, at least until we’ve understood what it is we are going through or feeling. It is a moon that emerges when it is good and ready. Only after the taxonomy of emotion is classified and clear. 

How Aquarius nurtures is through thought. Through idealization. There is often romance found in the idea of something or someone. A love affair with abstraction. 

For some of us, there is a confusion on how people may feel to us or about us and how things manifest in reality. 

The flip side is avoiding revealing just how much we feel at this time. We may know how to describe it but may opt out of actually saying it, leading others to believe that we have not cared at all. We may be more concerned with people outside our immediate circle which doesn’t make one a demon or anything…

But try not to be distant from those that are closest to you. 

Since Aquarius is known to be a sign of progress and change, Mars entering Aquarius on the 13th is where we can expect to see this the most. 

Our actions become even more deliberate after moving out of Capricorn but could appear to be erratic or “coming out of nowhere”. We may be truly acting this way, feeling the urge to mix it up and to try a new way of pursuit but it never feels purposeless even if it is changeable. 

Being able to be free in our expression is what is important to us. We will wage a war for what we will believe to be right and just. We want to disturb. Becoming a troublemaker or stirring the pot in order to get what we want doesn’t seem like such a bad idea because here is where being a contrarian is a sport. We must exercise our need to rebel. 

At this time, we feel more confident to change things up within our careers and how we manage our time and energy. Great progress can be made with our mental agility and putting action behind ideas. 

Venus moves into Aquarius on the 16th making the days after Valentine’s feel secure and loved. Yeah, that’s right. Another myth I want to bust about Aquarius placements.

This is a very lovable sign. Regardless of how everyone or even people with this placement feel about it. Deep inside, Aquarius has pride, which means it has a heart. It is not cuddles and hot chocolate on a cozy, snowy day. It is your favorite blanket though. It is reliable and loyal. Something detachable but there when you need it and in the way you need it. 

And that’s maybe what we need. 

Not fireworks, and roses, and loud displays of affection but a genuine and solid appreciation and tolerance because that is what sustainable love is. And what’s more romantic than being accepted for all of who you are including flaws? 

Aquarius does not discriminate. It likes difference. It attracts opposites. It is slow to settle down unless it meets its match and it does not stray unless something has truly ran its course. There is an artful yet technical touch to the way Venus works within Aquarius. 

And so why this may not be the most warm or wildly passionate sign for Venus to be in, there is still charm. And awkwardness. 

Obviously for some energies, this is still not enough. It can feel as though love and care is being sown into things and people on the outskirts of a traditionally intimate relationships. Our platonic and casual relationships may thrive while our more romantic ones shrivel up or take a back seat for a while. Checking in with our partners and making sure that all parties are satisfied may be necessary but usually the intention is to remain connected. 

Our colleagues, creative projects, and friendships could be feeling more harmonized or as if they are leveling up.

We close out our energetic new year on the 19th as the Sun enters Pisces. 

I don’t want to harp on Pisces being “delusional”- it is more than that. Its intelligence is beyond what we think we know or can see. 

What happens within Pisces is inexplainable but undeniably deep. This is the end of the zodiacal wheel where we fade away into the ethers. It is a sparkly, diamond-like death, encapsulating all that we’ve learned, letting it shine for a while before it lets go. Leaves it behind for someone with less wisdom to find. It does not hold on to things that are earthly. The material doesn’t hold much weight underneath the Pisces Sun. 

It is involved in the world but not of it. It knows better. 

Within this energy, we can relax into the unknown and connect to all things divine easily as our sensitivity and intuition is heightened. We float about and don’t mind not understanding our immediate world. It doesn’t feel necessary. 

Pisces season sees through things and people. Everything is vapors and ghosts but it doesn’t feel ghoulish. We are not afraid. We surrender to what is hidden and intangible.

We may feel extremely creative and show our genius through art and performance or feel more inclined to do so. Pisces does like to play pretend and it likes to get messy. 

We are attracted to exploring what love and romance mean to us and maybe more prone to romanticizing everything, which is a marvelous energy when balanced and not blown out of proportion. 

On the 23rd, Mercury makes its way into Pisces making communication blurry and sentimental.

Thoughts wander, twist and turn and begin to take a more amorphous shape after the structure that Aquarius provided. We lose ourselves within this sign, our ideas expanding out and completely taking over. Dialogue with things that cannot be seen and reading between the lines is easier within this placement. 

This Mercury is nebulous. Language is vague and imprecise. It soaks in so much information from what it feels. It may not show just how much it knows, choosing to lean into the mystifying and keep its little secret to themselves. 

Pisces is artistic but fluid. It comes and goes. Covertly, it is bursting with vivid colors and textures but overtly may seem soft and mute. It can come across as unclear in its objective or goal. Sometimes it doesn’t care about the objective or goal. What about art for arts sake? What about experiencing and be-ing? What about love? 

It would prefer to create and feel, letting ideas fly in like a comet, flash its pretty light and then pass. Sometimes the moment calls for that kind of inaction. 

This energy can help us dream up entire worlds, channel words and create brilliant stories. We may not remember things all that well but we will care so much. We may lose track of what we should be focusing on but meandering is fun and can lead us to something greater. It is not about facts or truth with this placement but what is “truth” anyway? 

If you get it, then you get it. 

There can be some luck here too, especially when you don’t expect much and let things land however they may. 

On the 24th, we close out the month with a full moon in 5° Virgo. 

This moon helps us to believe that there no feat is too grand or ostentatious for us and that even through life’s smallest of transformations can come miracles. 

It is in tune with details and as we peel back emotional layers, how we or others feel become plain. A shiny and subtle reality begins reveal itself and catches our eye. Synchronicities are more blatant and we desire to align ourselves with what we view as our “higher self”. 

We may honor our feelings or process them though our bodies. It can be a simple routine or something more rigorous but it is still ritualistic in the sense that we are doing things with deep intention in mind. This is a great time to release though our bodies, to flush out reoccurring anxieties and things that make us tense. It is time to get into flow and in the know.

Beware of digging too deep into emotions and overanalyzing to the point of distorting reality. When in doubt- purify. Boil what you feel down to its essence and then move on. 

We have a chance to let go the need of perfection, allowing a child-like imagination, inquisitiveness, and the natural wonder of the world to enchant us. We can feel safe and settled in the fact that life’s challenges and triumphs are complex, maybe confusing. It is mysterious and that is okay. 

The universe will always find ways to wink back at you and let you know that you’re on the right path. It can be as sincere as that.