StarGazing with Tigresse Bleu

Planetary Placements for Dec:

Dec. 1st -Mercury enters Capricorn 

Dec. 4th- Venus enters Scorpio

Dec. 12th- New Moon in 20° Sagittarius

Dec. 13th- Mercury Retrogrades within Capricorn

Dec. 22nd- Sun enters Capricorn 

Dec. 23rd- Mercury Retrogrades into Sagittarius

Dec. 27th- Full Moon in 4° Cancer

Dec. 29th- Venus enters Sagittarius

After a period of needing to be in flow, we recoup and regather. Pick up the pieces after potential turmoil and much deliberating. For a brief moment, the 1st of the month awards us some sort of stability in thought and communication. What had seemed lofty initially could materialize. Goals seem reachable. Mending broken ideas is possible. 

Mercury in Capricorn is a remedy to the fluctuation we’ve been experiencing. It is a more direct energy. It powers through because it knows exactly what it wants. And it knows exactly what it cannot accept. 

Capricorn knows its “no” very well. Its magic lies in restraint and discipline. At this time, we could feel more drawn to the negative perspective of things- what we shouldn’t do, what needs to be better, the things that are missing- but what manifests does not necessarily disappoint us. In fact some of us become empowered. Rejection becomes our savior. 

We are resisting flip flopping or going back on words we’ve dedicated to ourselves or to others. This energy is strict and encourages us to be the same. We grow thicker skin and strengthen our bones, gaining more comfortability with our boundaries. What we will no longer accept or put up with no matter how hard it will be. We are willing to be more patient with the things that we know will take time and in this state we are not threatened by time but reassured by it. 

We know that time helps and heals all.

But just as soon as Mercury stabilizes, it will slip in and out of this energy throughout the month with the retrograde going into effect on the 13th and slowly moving back into Sagittarius by the 23rd. It will station direct on January 1st.

This will be more so about a matter of pace for most of us. Some days things will feel like they are chugging along and going according to plan and on others not so much. Recognize the pauses happening at this time are not against you but for you. What is truly yours will not be missed.

Venus will slither its way into Scorpio on the 4th where it does not thrive. 

Venus is not at ease here. It is tense. On edge. It is not the same milk and honey feeling that Taurus or even Libra provides. It is fire and latex. It is sticky but can still be sweet- as long as your idea of sweet includes hugs that suffocate and kisses that devour. 

Venus in Scorpio will have us fantasizing about affection. How much we’d loved to be smothered in it. Gobbled up and swallowed whole. Scorpio leaves no crumbs. It is bold. The kind of lover that gives so much of its heart that it can be both exhilarating and terrifying for everyone involved. There is an element of control with Scorpio. We could find ourselves consumed with making sure that our loved ones know how much we care. To make sure that they feel as intensely as we do and for some, that’s that passionate ish that they like. They’ll eat it up. And for others, they feel too much like prey. 

This is devotion to the nth degree. With both Capricorn and Scorpio energies this month, we are testing how loyal, dedicated, and consistent we can be. Be prepared for shifts within our relationships in particular. 

Who or what are we willing to stick to or stick by? We want more than the pretty and superficial. In this energy, we go down under, beneath what is skin deep where the ugliness and the truth lies. 

Even if it’s scary.

We find ourselves more willing to open up but to the right people. Scorpio is a fixed water sign and doesn’t throw its big moist emotions at just any and everyone. It has discernment. But once The Scorpion has found the one it wants to trap, it will drown them in delicious vulnerability. 

The honesty that this sign exudes may not always be obvious at first. This could perpetuate an energy where we feel that someone is hiding something from us or suspicious of others intentions, especially if they are new to our lives. This will encourage us to try our best to trust our instincts to know right from wrong and to feel our way through situations or connections in a natural but controlled manner. 

Then the new moon will occur in Sagittarius on the 12th. This lunar void will have us re-finding our purpose after a period of shedding and releasing. Although some of us may have come from hard times, or a huge let down, or a let go- there is an unwavering hope. An underlying joy and appreciation that keeps us afloat. The dual influence within this moon also has the potential to balance out our over or lack of confidence to carry things out. 

Here, we find more opportunities to understand cycles and natural order if we choose to. As the sun moves along the zodiac wheel and we once again reach this point, we come across harsher lessons or conditions that can feel desolate. But with this particular moon, we have spunk. It is energetic and warm. It helps to give us the final push we need towards following up on any goals we have set for ourselves and to not be deterred. We can also understand that while it is a part of the process,  it is not just enough to hope or to dream. 

This moon wants to put in the work in order to reap the rewards.

It is a generous moon as well and will want to work together or share the fruits of its labor. 

Speaking of putting in work, the Sun will enter Capricorn on the 22nd. Its energy is steady and pumping, an unstoppable beat that keeps marching on. But is it just ambition or a pure desire that keeps Capricorn going? The difference is slim. 

Capricorns often get the rep for being materialistic and power hungry. Its energy is sometimes displayed as cold, calculating, and serious and it is partly true. That is Saturn at work. With Saturn ruled signs, there is always an underlying maturity and dryness that is very present. It can be cutthroat. But there is still something real underneath that poised and tough exterior. 

There is a genuine passion or love for what the Capricorn hopes- no- will achieve. They reach such great heights in their lives because their sights are already set on the finish line. Because they know that to get out of the trenches, to be “better”, they have to feel like they already won. That they’ve already crossed the finish line. It is hope from utter despair. They embody it. 

That’s why Capricorn placements seem to always know what they’re doing even if they’re just a novice. Everything seems to come “easy” to a Capricorn but Saturn would never make this so. Behind the facade of natural knowledge is grit and hard work. It’s a bit beyond having confidence. It’s being comfortable with the effort that things take. 

There is a sensitivity to dedication within Capricorn and that’s what makes The Sea Goat special. 

During the sun’s presence in Capricorn, there is an emphasis on trudging through difficulty. It is a reminder that we are capable of growing through the tough stuff as we have time and time again. In this moment we can form a chrysalis from which we can emerge more shaped and transformed. A chance to slow down and marinate. Investigate deeper and refine ourselves and thus our lives. Saturn’s influence doesn’t have to pull us down in darkness if we can change our perspective. 

With a new perspective, we can become acquainted with our more visceral emotions and no moon will do that with more finesse than the full moon in Cancer on the 27th. 

Within connections or situations that make us feel weak, we find the courage during this time to speak up. This is not the soft, delicate crybaby vibe that Cancer is known for. This baby is not backed into a corner. This baby barks and bites. 

The claws are coming out and some of us are more than willing to wage war with the love we have for ourselves. 

There could be the need to defend ourselves or a position or stance. We may feel as though we have been pushed around too much whether it is directly from someone else or life itself we want to push back a bit…or a lot. On the other side of this is of course the need to be cautious of becoming too argumentative, a bully, or worse, tyrannical. We can learn to express our pain or hurt without taking it on as a persona. We can learn to feel our pain fully but also know that we are more than our pain or hurt. That there is no need to latch and clinch to our past. Memories can resurface to try to distract us from the progress we’ve made but resist dwelling and falling back into old ways of coping. 

We can use this lunar energy to purge all the things that make us feel fragile or small. 

And in the final days of the year Venus will enter lively and vibrant Sagittarius on the 29th. This placement is a charmer. A lover that will dance and dazzle its way into the heart. An energy that likes to roam and will wander onto the next adventure when it feels that it is time. It asks if it’s worth it to stay but instead of burying themselves in it in order to prove its dominance as we can see sometimes within Scorpio, it will simply leave. They too contain an immense love and devotion but no longer to the detriment of their freedom. 

Sovereignty is a Sagittarius’ first love. 

If you can promise them independence, they will take you on every adventure with them forever. They will be your partner in virtue and crime. They don’t care. As long as they can share the journey with you

This will lift the mood a bit after a couple of weeks of such seriousness and depth. A Sagittarius Venus will want to play and delight in sunnier flirtations. Dabble in art and nature. We are more transfixed on our outer world versus our inner world during this time and want to take what we’ve learned or experienced through Venus’ time in Scorpio and expand on it. 

Put all the words and emotions shared into practice. 

Monitoring how our money is coming in and the stability of finances will also be highlighted underneath this placement. Sagittarius is an abundant sign with Jupiter as its planetary ruler but that means it also has the potential to be spendthrift with the hopes of “making it up later”. It believes it will always be rewarded in life as long as they remain upbeat and have a positive outlook and while there may be some truth to this, watching the wallet will be helpful in the long run. On the flip side, thoughts around having a “lack mindset” could come up around this time and could inspire us to rethink how we feel about how we make money or the ways we could be restricting ourselves in a negative way. 

As we venture into the new calendar year, we have a new found view of our world, of the people we welcome in it, of our emotions and how we can feel more comfortable with what the universe is offering to us at this time. We wear our hearts on our sleeves and try to let optimism take over and lead the way. 

Get lost for the better.