For the past four years, Queer Kentucky has told the stories of LGBTQ+ Kentuckians. Through listening to these incredible stories, we have learned that there is a huge need in our state for queer and trans education for employers. 

Queer Kentucky is now offering diversity, equity and inclusion training and workshops for the workplace. Along with telling the stories of Kentuckians via our publication, we are now striving to change the narrative for queer folks in the work place.

Trans Inclusivity Workplace Training

Are you interested in making your business a safer place to work for your trans and nonbinary employees? Did you know that being trans-inclusive actually improves the bottom line? What does it mean to be trans-inclusive anyway? Queer Kentucky is excited to help your company’s inclusion initiatives grow and succeed. 

We offer both on-site and off-site trainings for greatest efficiency and convenience. Contact us below to configure a workshop that best fits your organization!


You will gain a foundational understanding of trans-inclusivity and why it matters from a humanistic and business perspective. 


You will learn how to talk about trans and gender-nonconforming identities, as well as issues relevant to them.

Best Practices

We will offer examples of actionable, specific strategies for implementing a trans-inclusive workplace plan.

Conflict Resolution

We will introduce you to the concept of microaggressions and strategies for both avoiding and dealing with them. 

Become A Queer-Inclusive Partner

Your company’s logo will appear on our website as one of our Queer-Inclusive Partners. We will also deliver a Certificate of Completion to you. We will come to your space and train your entire company!

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