Queer Kentucky receives Community Foundation of Louisville grant to report on HIV, meth epidemic

Queer Kentucky is proud to announce that we have received a $2,300 grant from the Community Foundation of Louisville to report on a topic we are very passionate about.

We requested the “Field of Interest Grant: AIDS Project Fund” in order to demonstrate awareness regarding the connection between HIV/AIDS and the LGBTQ+ community in Kentucky.

Our writer, Ben Gierhart, will be writing a series of articles that educate the public on HIV/AIDs in the United States with a focus on Kentucky in particular. The articles will be posted on our website and all social media platforms.

The primary focus of the content will be on methamphetamine usage and its correlation to HIV/AIDS within the LGBTQ+ community and Hepatitis C.

Additionally, after the series has been published online in its entirety, we intend to hold a free public forum to demonstrate the impact of our series providing the public: digital outreach statistics, knowledgeable panelists, and speakers that identify with Queer Kentucky’s mission and vision. 

Queer Kentucky has worked with VOA FIT over the last few months to promote HIV testing and safe sex practices. With these added funds from the CFL, we hope to continue enforcing safe behaviors.

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