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Around 2010, at Bellarmine University, in a lounge in one of the academic buildings, the founder of Sis Got Tea said out loud, at random, to her circle of close friends, “Hey…what if we opened a tea shop called LGBTea? Get it?” Her friends laughed. They brushed it off. But for some reason, the thought never left her mind.
As the owner went through the growing pains of being a black, queer, woman in Louisville, KY, she realized something: the city of Louisville, KY, is lacking an explicitly safe, sober space for LGBTQ+ people. The LGBTQ+ community in Louisville, KY, is steeped in bars and alcohol-centric venues that currently do not cater to those who do not and/or cannot consume alcohol and do not serve as safe spaces for LGBTQ+ people.
After quitting a job with no backup plan almost ten years after daydreaming of LGBTea, the owner thought, “I think this is my time.”
And so Sis Got Tea was born.
Sis Got Tea is a Black-, LGBTQ+-, woman-owned tea shop/cafe. Sis Got Tea will offer a variety of teas, coffee, and snacks in an open, safe, sober, relaxing space perfect for studying, socializing, and hanging out. Sis Got Tea will also hosts events for the community (with an emphasis on black-focused and LGBTQ+-focused events), and it will also offer event space rental for anyone interested in hosting an event.
Sis Got Tea (and its owner) is excited to bring a designated safe, sober, LGBTQ+ space to the city of Louisville — the first of its kind.


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