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QKY and VOA Fit talk PrEP

By Pablo Archila HIV is 100% preventable. We aren’t just limited to condoms and hand jobs anymore, there’s medicine that can prevent HIV infection called PrEP. PrEP, or Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, is a once daily pill taken to prevent HIV infection. Think of it as the birth control for HIV. Meaning, it only works if you …

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Making an LGBT+ Hub in Appalachia

by Jordan Roach-Calderone   Kyle May has always wanted to help people at some capacity, in college he studied counseling. Now he’s currently working in mental health at the Mountain Comprehensive Care Center, as their Healing Program Clinical director, focusing on getting grant assistance to help people in this region who have survived trauma. That’s …

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I Remember Doing the Time Warp

By Remy Sisk In the spring of 1973 at the Royal Court’s Theatre Upstairs, an eclectic bunch of actors and designers were preparing to open an extraordinarily unconventional musical called, “They Came from Denton High.” At the insistence of director Jim Sharman, creator Richard O’Brien’s mashup of glam rock, Steve Reeves muscleman flicks,1950s early rock …

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Being Queer Interview

Gay, not lesbian

Lindsey Norris, Louisville, Kentucky What does the word queer mean to you? To me, it’s an umbrella for anyone who does not identify as heterosexual. How do you identify? Why? Or why don’t you identify as anything at all? I identify as gay, just because that describes that I am interested in people of the …

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