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Spencer Jenkins

Spencer Jenkins (he/him) is the founder and Executive director of Queer Kentucky. He is a 2012 WKU grad where he obtained his degree in Journalism. Since then, he has stayed passionate about community journalism, specifically underrepresented identities such as LGBTQ+ people. He is an activist and advocate

for the community and educates the Louisville community and beyond about LGBTQ+ lives. In 2021 he recevied the 40 under 40 award from Louisville Business First and was featured in the “Reckon South List” in 2022 for his work with Queer Kentucky.

Josh Brown

Josh Brown (he/they) is  the primary graphic and web designer for Queer Kentucky. They are an antidisciplinary artist blasting apart the interstitial space between opera and design. In their downtime, Josh writes about urban revitalization in Pittsburgh and queer issues in Louisville.  View more of their work and propose collaborations (or trysts) at http://jdbrownportfolio.com

Yoko Molotov

Yoko Molotov is a multimedia artist specializing in transgressive, gender-fluid cartoons, comics, painting, art books, poetry and video. She is also in the bands meatmomma and in the music/performance group Harpy. Commissions are always open.

Email: yokomolotov@gmail.com

Ali Gautier

Ali Gautier is an activist, comedian, performing artist, all around dope ass Black woman originally from Danville, KY, and currently living in Louisville, KY. 

Alixandria Thomason

Alixandria Thomason is a queer, poly, nerdy Kentucky native with an obsession with spicy books and deep conversations.

Noa August

Noa August (they/them) is a queer nonbinary person. They are a workshop facilitator for QueerKentucky, an artist, a writer and a content creator. Noa has a bachelor’s in art history, and lately they have been expanding into more creative avenues, such as fashion and film. They are passionate about LGBTQ inclusivity because this is their community, and because they believe the more people can move with compassion and empathy the better the world will be. Reach out to them at noa@queerkentucky.com

Adrian Silbernagel

Adrian Silbernagel (he/him) is the author of our ‘Thinking Queerly’ column and one of our trans inclusive workplace training facilitators. He is a queer and transgender writer, speaker, and activist who believes that queer liberation can only occur through the liberation of all marginalized people. His work focuses on trans visibility, queer and trans rights, worker rights, class and racial justice. In his free time Adrian loves to write poetry and has published two books of poems – Transitional Object (The Operating System 2019) and Late Style (Nanny Goat Press 2021).

Ben Gierhart

Diikahnéhi Akwiráes Delaronde

Diikahnéhi Delaronde Segovia (they/them) is a Two Spirit writer, poet and visual artist who slings coffee to pay the bills. Their work centers queer, non binary Indigenous experiences that resist colonial efforts of assimilation and subjugation. In their writing, they seek to challenge racism in the queer community, and create a space of kinship and protection for BIPOC communities.

Anya Lee

Brittany Bennett

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