LA based dancer frequents home to teach others his movement art

by Belle Townsend

When asked why he keeps coming back to the art form of dance, Ryan Green said that he has been dancing since middle school and is always coming back for different reasons. 

Green, Louisville community member turned Los Angeles professional dancer, expanded on his evolution of loving to dance and teach dancing. He shared the power that dance has had in being a catalyst for growth for not only himself, but his community. Green claimed he was “never the best artist or dancer,” but he kept coming back for one reason or another. 

One day, something clicked for him in class that had not before. He “got it.” He never thought he could be a professional dancer, but through the power of teaching and continuously creating movement, he is currently living that dream. His passion for his art form comes through, in that he wants to make this art form more accessible to more people. 

Green studied communications at the University of Louisville, and he also danced for U of L. Although pursuing his career in Los Angeles, he felt drawn to coming back. In Los Angeles, Green said he has never met another professional dancer from Kentucky. This has motivated him to come back to Kentucky, although he “also feels a pull back to Louisville, because of how artsy the culture is.” This is why Louisville is the location of one of his upcoming projects.

photo by Lee Gumbs

Part of the inspiration for Green’s upcoming Louisville Intensive class (combining combo, improv, and staging), comes from wanting to reconnect with the Louisville arts and dance community. The Louisville Intensive class will be on February 26, from 4-7 PM, with 30 slots being available. 

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