Kentucky State Representative introduces anti-trans legislation

The first anti-trans legislation of 2020 is in the works according to a Kentucky State Representative’s Facebook page.

State Representative Savannah Maddox (R-61st District) just announced her intention to file a bill in the 2020 Kentucky General Assembly targeting transgender kids and preventing them from obtaining the care they need.

Yesterday, I began drafting a bill designed to protect children under the age of 18 from gender reassignment surgery or from receiving drug treatments designed to alter their natal gender. I am sure that many of you have read about the shocking case of this 7 yr old boy in Texas whose parents are in the midst of an ugly courtroom battle as a result of his mother’s desire to transition his gender from male to female, but truth be told this has been in my mind and on my heart for quite a while. I am a strong advocate for parent’s rights- but it is not the right of a parent to permanently alter a child’s gender or identity, even when based upon certain behaviors or the perceptions of a child’s mind which has not yet had time to fully develop.

Queer Kentucky will continue to update this story as it unfolds.

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