Getting Glitzed with the Gays: Biodegradable centered startup launches holographic product line tomorrow at Darling’s Bar

by Sophia Lee

Need more looks to kill for this raging festival season? Well theys, gays, and baes, I sure do have a newly improved, and environmentally sustainable accessory for you. Every year at Forecastle Music Festival, there is one table that shines a little brighter than others. Probably due to the immense amounts of glitter wafting through the air within its surroundings. BioGlitz is a company that sells biodegradable glitter that is derived from sustainable sources. While the company has only been in existence for about six years, the fame and success they have developed has been considerably resplendent.

Saba Gray

Saba Gray is the name of the pixie fairy and glitter goddess who started the company. Her background is in sustainable design with fashion and textiles. When the online store first launched, they ended up being the third most shopped store on Shopify just from Gray posting a few tidbits online about the project. In an interview with the Courier Journal, Gray commented on the phenomenon that her eccentric, plant-based glitter has created within various communities.

“Glitter is the armor we wear to deflect negativity, it is our loud rejection of conformity, a symbol of resistance, and the ultimate celebration of life,” she said.

Although the company itself was developed between Gray’s time spent in Los Angeles and New York City, its roots and growth have stood strong right here in Kentucky. The brand launched its very first storefront on Portland Ave in June 2021. The store’s primary manager currently is Timmy Singer.

Singer and Gray From their three years working with BioGlitz, Singer has learned a lot about themself and the queer community in Louisville. The two describe the store as a sort of “glitter apothecary” where all queerdos are welcome to come in to make custom glitter blends.

Timmy Singer

“We’re working towards creating a sustainable haus of shine. One of inclusivity and self expression that goes between fashion art and community,” they said.

The store has been incredibly lucky thus far as they have not had to do much marketing to get the word out. Gray has cultivated a community of love and acceptance within her BioGlitz family, which she dedicates the store’s success to quite often. As an avid event junkie, she was able to easily identify the need for “sustainable shine” for things such as music festivals and parades. As a whole, the company stands for many things but there is one theme that stood out to me during my interview with these two colorful individuals. Unity. 

“Bioglitz really did change the trajectory of my life. The first queer rave we had here left me in literal tears. It has changed how I see myself and other people. It has made me more accepting of weirdness and queerness and everybody.”

Singer stated as they described how much glitzing has helped them to express themselves in hard times. The company decided it would be the best idea to open the first storefront in Louisville to continue to cultivate that family in a community that has such a weird and queer art, fashion, and music scene but also that has so much room for growth. And BioGlitz wants to be apart of it.

“We want to help normalize queer things and being weird to people here who may not be so accepting of these things,” Singer said.

The company has done several different kinds of events over the years, including RuPauls Drag Con, Bonnaroo, House of Yes, Miami Swim Week, NY Fashion Week, and so much more. They also participate in many activism events including working with Pride and Planned Parenthood on multiple occasions.

The company will be launching an all new line of holographic Glitz tomorrow. This has been one of the company’s most challenging accomplishments yet as holographic glitter typically is constructed by layering several layers of plastic, which reflect upon one another to create that shiny rainbow that we all love. Though they had some troubles at first, the brand has overcome the challenges.

Check it out at their launch party on Thursday, July 7th at Darlings from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. There will be models to display the product as well as burlesque performers at the event. Come learn about the makings of the glitter and sample the product for yourself! The product will be available for purchase at the event on Thursday. You can also peek the details for the event in the flyer below. The Glitz fam hopes to see you there. 

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