2021 Impact Report

2021 was a challenging year worldwide, but Queer Kentucky’s programming and activism remained unshaken. Check out our end-of-year report below (in graphic and plaintext versions) for more information about our various outreach programs and the impact we’ve had on our community. 


Online Publication

Queer Kentucky’s online stories reached over 80,000 views from users across over 150 countries!

Trans-Inclusive Workplace Workshops

We have been ramping up our consulting activities by conducting over 20 of our flagship Trans-Inclusive Workplace Workshops, reaching over 500 participants in total!


Taunt Magazine Sponsorship

As the fiscal sponsor for TAUNT’s August 2021 issue, Unaccounted, we supported indie publications just like us. As a result of this partnership, TAUNT has committed to at least 20% LGBTQ+ representation among its writing staff. 

Entrepreneurial Support

As part of our entrepreneurial mentorship program, we assisted local business owners in creating growing, sustainable businesses.

Transgender Surgery Fund

We raised over $2,000 for legal name changes and gender-affirming surgeries for transgender Kentuckians through crowdfunding. 


Mindful Movement Course

Designed and led by Dr. Anne Miller, the Mindful Movement class served up to 16 students (due to COVID restrictions) per session across 15 weeks. The course focused on mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques. 

Natural Disaster Crowdfunding

Through crowdfunding, Queer Kentucky raised $12,000 for victims of Western Kentucky tornadoes. 


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