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New Paducah LGBT Welcome Center Fights Oppression in Western Kentucky

By Ben Gierhart It’s almost 2020, so it may seem to be a foregone conclusion that most if not all communities are accepting of LGBTQ+ people by now. The truth is that unfortunately many rural communities in the country are still not as progressive as one might want. Kentucky has a reputation for being a …

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Queer owned Creative Space in Portland begins funding campaign with Kickstarter

Hoba House is a soon to open creative space in Portland, Kentucky. As an LGBTQ+ owned space we will strive to create a place where everyone can feel safe and comfortable to be themselves. We will be offering many opportunities for queer artists and musicians to share their work in a welcoming, intimate environment.

HOBA House will feature four live in art studios, a class room, an small indoor event space/gallery, and an outdoor stage. We will use these spaces to hold art classes and groups, have live entertainment, and do community outreach projects. We are most excited to feature queer, minority, and youth works with the community!

Right now we are still raising funds to collect the necessary equipment to make all of this happen. We will be holding our first big event, HOBA House Warming on October 27th.

Donate to the fund!

Melanin Pride, Pride-Games set for September in Louisville

Interview with Event Founder, Desiree Carr

What is the event date?

This year the Pride Games are September 13 – 15.

September 13th – 2816 Crums Lane

September 14 – George Rogers Clark Park, 1024 Thruston Ave

September 15 – 723 south brook Street 

What are the pride games?

They are fun safe space where people of the LGBTQ community can be themselves while bringing back a child hood playfulness with different events and games. We’re having all kinds of events for all ages of the community. We do welcome everyone to be part of the fun.

When did it come to be?

We started in August of 2017 with just one day of fun. It was just a basic game of kick ball between six teams. We let each team come out and play each other to win prizes and trophies donated by local businesses who wanted to participate.

We had free food, cotton candy and snow cones for everyone the whole day. We wanted to create a day where no one had to worry about  money. All they had to do was come to the park and we had the rest, good music, vendors and fun.

Who is involved with it?

The event was conceptualized and started by Desiree Carr and Chan Ponder with a small amount of businesses participating. Now, it’s us and all kinds of sponsors wanting to be participate in what we have slowly been building the last two years.

What does the day entail?

On Sept 13 from 11 p.m. to 4 a.m., we will be having the “Melanin Pride Stuck in the 90s” party. We will have a drag show while we enjoy nice drinks and great food.  We would love for people to dress up but they don’t have too.

On Sept 14, we will have our PrideGames field day. Six teams playing six or seven different games. We will have lots of water games and more! The last two teams standing this year will play a game of kick ball to determine the winner. We will have some good food by Twin Moore, free cotton candy and snow cones. We will also provide HIV testing.

September 15 is the poetry slam where we have 10 people giving there all for a chance to win 200 dollars cash.

What do you hope to do with this event in the future?

Consistency. I want to keep everything going and have a whole weekend of fun every year. I want to add more people to the weekend too. We have so many people in the community who are so gifted, why not have everyone sit down and create a way we all can win? Because that’s the goal — to see the LGBTQ community win and give us hope and a place to say this is for us and by us and smile while saying it knowing every word is true.

Why do you think this event is important?

Because we don’t have anything for the black LGBTQ community really to call our own. I want this to be one of the places they can say, “this is a place for me.” All are welcome!

200+ LGBTQ Leaders from Across U.S. Gather in Louisville, July 17-20 for Equality Federation Leadership Conference

Louisville — The national Equality Federation and Kentucky’s Fairness Campaign will co-host the 22nd annual Leadership Conference in Louisville from July 17-20.

The conference is the premier gathering of LGBTQ movement leaders focusing on the crucial work of winning equality in state legislatures and local communities across the country.

Nearly 250 people will be in attendance to strategize, mobilize and connect on critical movement conversations addressing issues like racial justice, HIV, conversion therapy, and nondiscrimination.

Among those in attendance will be representatives from 39 organizations, including national partners and state leaders working on the ground from Florida to Maine, North Dakota to California, and everywhere in-between.

“We are excited to bring the Equality Federation Leadership Conference to Louisville this year so that state leaders from our 39 member organizations, along with many national leaders, can celebrate the 20th anniversary of Louisville’s Fairness Ordinance and experience Kentucky hospitality,” shared Equality Federation Executive Director Rebecca Isaacs.

“The Fairness Campaign has been working throughout Kentucky for years to push for LGBTQ equality policies, which now are in place in 11 communities throughout the state. Fresh off state legislative sessions with big wins and some challenges, state equality leaders and the Equality Federation are looking forward to these three days of strategy, reflection and fun in Louisville, which will spur us all to return to our homes and continue the struggle.”

Chris Hartman, Executive Director of the Fairness Campaign said, “We are extremely excited to host the Equality Federation’s Leadership Conference during this landmark year for Louisville, celebrating 20 years of Kentucky’s first LGBTQ-inclusive Fairness Ordinance. In partnership with the Louisville Convention and Visitors Bureau and Mayor Greg Fischer’s office, the Fairness Campaign continues to seek new ways we can showcase our city’s LGBTQ inclusiveness and perfect 100 rating from the Equality Federation and Human Rights Campaign’s Municipal Equality Index. Hosting state and national LGBTQ movement leaders for this important conference is another concrete example of Louisville’s commitment to diversity and fairness for all.”

Ahead of the conference, Equality Federation offers day-long institutes focused on building skills and strong peer connections for state leaders working in: Communications, Development, Executive Leadership, and Field.

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