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Western Kentucky town of Henderson celebrates first-ever Pride 25 years after Fairness Ordinance overturned

photo by Lauren Smith-Reed (they/she) Young people sit in front of a crowd looking towards the stage at Henderson, Kentucky’s first-ever Pride on June 30, 2024. In 1999, the western Kentucky town of Henderson passed the fairness ordinance to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation. Henderson was originally the third city in Kentucky to have LGBTQIA+ […]

Anti-LGBTQ+ bills tied to negative mental health and increased substance use for LGBTQ+ communities

Kentuckians in crisis can now connect with suicide prevention, mental health, and substance abuse counselors using a nationwide, easier-to-dial phone number – 988. Phone service providers will now direct 988 calls to the existing national lifeline with its 13 Kentucky call centers, and connection to additional crisis services will be provided if necessary. The American […]

Seven pro-LGBTQ+ bills aiming to expand civil rights this session

photo by Jon Cherry There is a slate of at least 14 anti-LGBTQ+ bills in Kentucky’s 2024 Legislative Session, and this is alarming to many folks– both LGBTQ+ and not. But, there are organizations, advocates, and community members coming together to testify against, publicly denounce, and oppose said bills.  Additionally, there are pro-LGBTQ+ bills that […]

Kentucky legislators have introduced 14 anti-LGBTQ+ bills: Here’s what to know

As Kentucky’s 2024 Legislative Session continues, so does the controversy following the bills filed. This article will cover 5 more anti-LGBTQ+ bills, bringing the grand total to 14 anti-LGBTQ+ bills so far in this session. The Fairness Campaign, Kentucky’s leading LGBTQ+ advocacy organization, has designated 12 bills as being anti-LGBTQ+. Of those 12, Queer Kentucky […]