‘As long as you stay true and honest with yourself things will find their way’

Jake Bray

Queer to me simply means living in your own boundaries despite ones laid before you. Could be interpreted as “not normal” but what is normal?

For labeling sake. I identify as a gay male.

I comfortably identify as that because I am confident in my sexuality. The rest of what makes me, me I’ve never found the words to label.

I am originally from New York. I’ve been in Kentucky for about 1.5 years and have been nothing but welcomed.

Someone that is struggling with their identity, I would share the point of view that there is no rush to “come into full.” We all run on our own time. As long as you stay true and honest with yourself things will find their way.

I’m not one who likes to feel like their life is being ran. My identity over recent years has instilled me a lot confidence and understanding (however cheesy that sounds). I still struggle with who I am but am good at remembering this is my life for me to figure out and there’s fun in that.

The queer community is sometimes equally as unified as it is broken up. Since we strive to be our true selves and usually like to surround ourself with the same energy. Things can get real “cliquey” which can lead to a lot of ugly.

A solution would be to share a new mindset that what makes you who you are is yes, who you are on the inside but also an influence of the world you experience.

So an idea, be open to collaborating with new people you may not usually associate with, giving way to new ideas and new relationships. Because who knows and it’s something that can make life more interesting.

I do feel welcomed in the queer community. I feel if you meet it with open arms and no judgement and let any negativity roll off you can find your place.

I feel most comfortable being around people I know despite the place. I’m most “fabulous” in good company.

This one is going to be a little embarrassing. But the one that honestly impacted my life the most is my ex-boyfriend, Jesus. We still keep in touch on good terms the whole 9. He is the one that finally had me be honest, truly honest with my self and everyone around me. I’ve never known the joy of being so raw and present with everything and it’s really changed my mindset and therefore my life.

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